Wedding Planning Series Post

Hi All!
Today is my mom and papa's wedding anniversary,so first I need lots of wishes from you all for the two people in my life who love me unconditionally!

And as wedding is most special for all of us so I am again sharing wedding planning post on how you can find the right wedding dress for you.
Wedding shopping is really hectic and enjoyable at the same time.But here I am going to give you some tips on how you can make this whole shopping experience memorable.

  • Firstly make sure you do start you shopping on time atleast 2 months before your wedding day so that you have enough time to find your perfect attire and you dont end up buying something so expensive and unwanted due to confusion and lack of time.
  • Secondly,you should visit all the designer stores and check their collection in order to get an idea on what would you like to wear on your wedding day whether you plan to wear a gown or dress,you should have all a ready list on where you need to hunt for your perfect attire from already selected store,this will help you save time during your wedding shopping and will keep you away from stress and unnecessary confusions and comparisons.
  • Then do take your bestie or your would be husband to help you select the best designs,which looks most attractive on you.Try and pick the best one according to your latest trend,fitting and your comfort level.Dont just select something which you aint comfortable because on that day all eyes will be on you,so just choose the dress in which you can look the most confident you.
  • Select your accessories and shoes only after shopping for your wedding dress as then only you can see what footwear and accessories go well with your special outfit.
  • Lastly,I know you would be little nervous while getting ready for your wedding but you dont need to be,just dress up in the best version of you and dont forget to wear your beautiful smile.And I am sure you will forget the anxiety within a few minutes after reaching the decorated stage or church.

And now I am sharing some of my favourite picks from for the wedding season.

Buy this Dresswe Lace Wedding Dress here~

Buy this Dresswe Homecoming Dress here ~

Buy these Dresswe Women Flat Sandals here ~

Happy Wedding to those are going to tie knot this season!

I hope you liked this post,if you have any shopping query you can always let me know,I would be more than happy to help you all!

Thanks for visiting my blog :)



hi vandana. Many warm wishes for your mom and dad's wedding anniversary! how exciting! may they celebrate several more together.
Those are some really helpful tips for those who are looking forward to their big day.
Thanks a lot for visiting my blog. I shall keep a check on yours :)
Unknown said…

lovely post!
Such a beautiful dresss))
I`ll be happy if we follow to each other!Just let me know in my blog)
Unknown said…
Thanks a lot for wishes :*
and thanks for appreciation :)
Unknown said…
Thank you Alena :)
Will surely check out your blog :*
Unknown said…
Sorry,daer...but i don't see you in me follower via gfc,please try again!I follow you in via gfc #197
Unknown said…
Check again,followers number 999 :)
Unknown said…
Beautiful dresses!
Unknown said…
god bless your mom and dad . and i love black forest cake :P
Unknown said…
Thank you shikhu
I love black forest cake too :)
(now agen my cake is centre of attraction hehe )
Unknown said…
Thanks buddy :)
Benish Khan said…
I was just browsing through & stumbled upon your lovely blog
- you have amazing posts I must say! I followed you via GFC, keep in touch :) xoxo
Unknown said…
Thanks Benish :)
Will surely chk ur blog <3
jenish said…
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