Straight Hair Experiment

Hello fashionistas,

How are you all and how is your hair day?I mean good hair -day or bad -hair day?
I am talking about this topic because I am going to tell you about wackiest way to make your hair straight.

So what all tricks you can try to keep your hair straight?I know you all would like to go to salon and get your hair rebonded or straightened,or would get pressing done to your hair because these are the only preferred ways every girl opts for including me.

But I have a new and different idea to get straight hair.This idea is like a new DIY for me which I tried recently.What I did was:

-First I took one towel,then I kept the towel on my sister's shoulders(my sister who wanted to get straight hair).I combed her hair straight on towel.

-Then I switched on iron and kept it on slow knob,and started pressing my sissy's hair.

I was afraid because I never tried this before and I did not know whether it would work or not but I kept on trying.

I saw that hair turned straight but not so good.When my sister saw her hair,she started laughing and said 'this was your funny DIY?'
I felt that I would think of something effective next time so that I dont have to put lot of effort for getting straight hair and I realised that getting proper straight hair really needs a proper method.

Did you ever try something like this?If yes,then do share you experience with me here.

I will be back with new and interesting DIY.

Till then,
keep smiling



Mukta Jain said…
Its always straightening that I have gone for. Even I wish to know some new good idea.
vandana said…
thanks mukta for your comment,ya straightening is best
Anonymous said…
Haha..nice post!!But frankly I have done this before..5-6 years back when hair straighteners were not common..worked for me..but maybe coz I had short hair!!
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vandana said…
thanks,i will surely participate
Megha said…
I have never tried to straighten my hair! :P but I have seen my friends doing this quite a lot of time and I feel so scared seeing them do this :P
Nice post Vandana :)
vandana said…
thanks Momo,yes I too was scared trying this type of pressing

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