Sparkling Shopping from Surat Diamonds

Hello my beautiful friends,

Today I am again back with a new post about my online shopping .
And this time I purchased awesome pearl earrings from Surat Diamond

Here comes the pic of my recent purchase:
I love these pearl earrings so much

About Surat Diamond:
Making Fine Jewellery affordable to masses world over by use of Technology,Customer Empathy,Speed of Execution,Deep Product Knowledge & Fine Designing.

Surat Diamonds is international manufacturer and exporter of Real Diamond,Pearl,Silver and Semi Precious Jewelry.The company also fosters great relationship with i-mint,Airtel,Kingfisher,India Today,TVS,Yatra,Cleartip,Hathway,HDFC,Great offers,ezeego 1,Uninor and PayPal.

They have nice collection of Diamond Rings,Earrings,Necklace,Bracelet,Pendent,Art Jewelry,Pearl Jewelry and much more..

My favourite Jewelry from their collections are:

diamond bangles
Polki Bangles

pearl bangles

I would recommend you all to do shop from Surat Diamond

Have a look at their amazing collection HERE
Do join them on facebook HERE

I will be back soon with new online shopping post..
Till then
Happy Shopping



Anonymous said…
wow...beautiful surat collections

me too love their pearl earrings so much :)

will love to read ur next post

vandana said…
thank you,yeah do check their collections,I am sure you would love them :)
Unknown said…
I would love to see a photo of those pearl earrings being worn, they look gorgeous!!
Such a lovely collection!
I started following you! Want to follow back? :)
vandana said…
thank you
I would love to follow
Sanaya Pandit said…
i love to shop online. its so much fun;)

hope you visit my blog and we could follow each other:)
Anonymous said…
Lovely collection dear. I like your blog. Why don't we stay in touch by following each other on FB and twit.

Unknown said…
Gorgeous pieces!
thanks for following my blog, just followed you back :)
Sanaya Pandit said…
following back:)
Hi sweetie! Thank you for following! Happy to follow back :)
Dascha said…

I am your newest follower.
Follow me back?

Rumela said…
Hey girl thanks for following my blog I am following back yours. Btw you have an awesome blog.
Bella said…
Love the earrings! Great choice :-)


Unknown said…
You have such an amazing blog =) Thanks so much for the follow! I'm following you back girly! (51) on google..
Jenniya said…
Gorgeous! Lovely jewelries. Actually, I just followed you. I hope you can get back to my blog and follow me, too.

XX, IamJenniya
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vandana said…
thank you following you
vandana said…
thank you
will surely follow back <3
Unknown said…
thanks for the share in your online diamond jewellery in india
Unknown said…
I loved the Diamond Bangles Designs as they are classic and pretty. I always desire for such pieces. I simply liked the collection of yours.

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