Sparkling Shopping from Surat Diamonds

Hello my beautiful friends,

Today I am again back with a new post about my online shopping .
And this time I purchased awesome pearl earrings from Surat Diamond

Here comes the pic of my recent purchase:
I love these pearl earrings so much

About Surat Diamond:
Making Fine Jewellery affordable to masses world over by use of Technology,Customer Empathy,Speed of Execution,Deep Product Knowledge & Fine Designing.

Surat Diamonds is international manufacturer and exporter of Real Diamond,Pearl,Silver and Semi Precious Jewelry.The company also fosters great relationship with i-mint,Airtel,Kingfisher,India Today,TVS,Yatra,Cleartip,Hathway,HDFC,Great offers,ezeego 1,Uninor and PayPal.

They have nice collection of Diamond Rings,Earrings,Necklace,Bracelet,Pendent,Art Jewelry,Pearl Jewelry and much more..

My favourite Jewelry from their collections are:

diamond bangles
Polki Bangles

pearl bangles

I would recommend you all to do shop from Surat Diamond

Have a look at their amazing collection HERE
Do join them on facebook HERE

I will be back soon with new online shopping post..
Till then
Happy Shopping



Anonymous said…
wow...beautiful surat collections

me too love their pearl earrings so much :)

will love to read ur next post

thank you,yeah do check their collections,I am sure you would love them :)
Matilly Rose said…
I would love to see a photo of those pearl earrings being worn, they look gorgeous!!
Such a lovely collection!
I started following you! Want to follow back? :)
thank you
I would love to follow
Sanaya Pandit said…
i love to shop online. its so much fun;)

hope you visit my blog and we could follow each other:)
Khushbu Verma said…
Lovely collection dear. I like your blog. Why don't we stay in touch by following each other on FB and twit.

Anmari ish said…
Gorgeous pieces!
thanks for following my blog, just followed you back :)
Sanaya Pandit said…
following back:)
Hi sweetie! Thank you for following! Happy to follow back :)
Dascha said…

I am your newest follower.
Follow me back?

Rumela said…
Hey girl thanks for following my blog I am following back yours. Btw you have an awesome blog.
Bella said…
Love the earrings! Great choice :-)


Kimberly said…
You have such an amazing blog =) Thanks so much for the follow! I'm following you back girly! (51) on google..
Jenniya said…
Gorgeous! Lovely jewelries. Actually, I just followed you. I hope you can get back to my blog and follow me, too.

XX, IamJenniya
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thank you following you
thank you
will surely follow back <3
shah puja said…
thanks for the share in your online diamond jewellery in india
Pooja Verma said…
I loved the Diamond Bangles Designs as they are classic and pretty. I always desire for such pieces. I simply liked the collection of yours.

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