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Hello my lovely friends!

Today I am very excited as I am going to share with you all my view about and awesome online store,what a wonderful name.The name really suits well as they know and undertstand the fashion requirements of their clients.They design beautiful and trendy clothes and accessories for men and women.
As you all know that I love online shopping and love reviewing them.But this website is really special and best among because they have very unique and different designs.We can surely call them as superb designers.Their designs and patterns reflects the true knowledge of fashion and styles.I keep checking their site for new styles.I am really looking forward to shop from this website.

Timsy and Siddhartha are Indian fashion designers and they sell under the label of IKNOW which was conceived in the year 2009.An incredible understanding of silhouette development and their own preference
of more minimal and uncluttered design make for strikingly contemporary sensibility.
They are dedicated in providing the most contemporary and stylish clothes to their customers.they offer trendy and hip fashion that are visually stimulating and defines their hope and aspirations.WOW.

To bring Fashion To Your Wardrobe

IKNOWSTUDIO the brainchild of Timsy and Siddhartha has been raised by the duo that comes completely from diverse backgrounds.Superb designer Timsy honed her skils in Fashion Design at Pearl Academy of Fashion,New Delhi and for her breakthrough innovation in the field of designing ,she has been awarded the MOST INNOVATIVE COLLECTION AWARD for her graduating collection in portfolio 2009.She really deserved it.Whereas Siddhartha has mastered his management skills that add a commercial aspect to Timsy's creative design and innovation.

I would give 10/10 to

Some of my favourites from their store are:
loved this peplum dress

trendy trousers

perfect color scheme

They really have  new and different styles and not the same type of collection which we can find everywhere.
Check their website HERE
You can also join them on facebook HERE

Did you check this site?Do let me know your opinion in comments <3



Divya Asha said…
Good review. Will shop soon on
vandana said…
thanks Divya
yes sure do check their website for more collection
I am sure you would love it
Prerana said…
i already follow them :) <3
vandana said…
good prerana
thank you for your comment
do shop from them and share your experience
this is cool,.!! i've discovered something new today :)

vandana said…
thank you
do shop from this site and I am sure you would love it

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