Ramp-Ready Hair with TRESemme

          Hello all!

Today's post is going to be very interesting as I am ready to flaunt my ramp-ready hair look!
Earlier when I had to go out I had to do lot of hard work to make my hair look good because my hair are rough and dry :(.Sometimes I even used scarf as they're a great way to turn around a bad hair day.But not anymore now :)
Now it has become very easy and simple to get ramp-ready hair.Yes,after using TRESemme shampoo and conditioner for dry and rough hair.
As we all know that TRESemme,one of USA's leading styling and hair-care brands is now available in India.The brand is used by professional hair stylists all over the world.From their origins in salons,they have always been driven by a simple truth;every woman deserves to look fabulous.TRESemme is dedicated to creating cutting edge salon innovation hair care and styling products.Their salon inspired products are enriched with high quality ingredients to help us experience the salon feeling everyday.Now we can easily get hair at home which will add elegance to our tresses,using TRESemme hair care products.

My Ramp-Ready hair look -

To get this look,first I had to nourish my hair to bring out its full healthy-looking shine.I applied TRESemme smooth and shine shampoo & conditioner.The new smooth and shine shampoo,infused with silk,protein and vitamin ingredients helps nourish our hair shinier and twice as smooth.

After this,I had to blow dry my hair with a round hair brush.

It was very exciting to experience this whole new look!
Now you can also get this ramp-ready hair with salon-style elegant waves.
To create a look,have a look at TRESemme India YouTube Channel

Have you used TRESemme?Do share your views in comments!



gud...i too wil try that product
vandana said…
thank you
yes it really works :)
vandana said…
thank you :)
do try it and dont foget to share your experience with me
I've heard a lot abt it.. hw much is it for?

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my last post :)

Maybe you have time to see my new blog post: Udobuy~ Contests & Freebies :)

vandana said…
thank you Akanksha
The price of this shampoo(100 ml) is rs 64 only
will surely check your new post <3
Dascha said…
Sounds great ^^

I follow you now on Bloglovin.

simple yet pretty look!
Unknown said…
You def have great hair my dear!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog recently!!! I've followed you on Bloglovin and Facebook I would love it if you followed me back on those platforms!!!

xx Marla

vandana said…
thank you <3
would love to follow back
Neelambaram said…
Nice blog! happily following you, visit mine when you find time :)

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vandana said…
Thank you
I would love to follow you back
vandana said…
thank you
would love to follow your blog

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