Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Polka Dots~Fashion Must-Haves

Hello fashion-o-holics!

Today I am going to share my latest purchase from which is a very pretty polka dots shirt.Polka dots are never out of fashion and looks great n every season.Polka dots trend is not limited to dresses but its everywhere,we can find it on accessories and clutches,etc(I do have polka dots bands too :).
I ordered this beige shirt with pink polka dots as I really liked this combination.I can pair it with colored pants,skirts and shorts.
I like the collection at as it really delivers fashion with lots of great discounts.
Have a look at my new shirt :)

For more collection you can check this women's clothing online store -
Thanks :)


Shannon Boyce said...

That is so pretty! You cant go wrong with polka dots.

Vandana Choudhary said...

Thanks,yep I agree wid u shannon :)

sona said...

Lovely shirt

Vandana Choudhary said...

thank you

Aditi So-Saree said...

I love Polkas..n cant get enuf of it.

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Vandana Choudhary said...

polkas are for forever :)