Sunday, 16 February 2014


Hi friends

I got this olive A-Line Coat from OASAP.COM.I loved wearing this beautiful coat featuring a-line design, button placket, long sleeve,self-tie waist and lined.This coat is perfect way to stay warm and look cool.I paired it with black pants and light green moccasins.
You can buy this coat here-

Now here goes my outfit pics :)

At Sephora

And then got these cuties from Sephora :)

Outfit Details:
Coat ~
Pants ~ Trendy Divva
Moccasins ~ Carlton London
Sling Bag~Random Online Store

Thanks for visiting my blog :*


sona sharma said...

prettiness :) :)

Vandana Choudhary said...

thank you sona :*

Pink Tiara said...

love your coat.... u look really cute. Also your teacher is still so young and beautiful :)
Pink Tiara

Vandana Choudhary said...

Thank you dear :*
Yes my teacher is so young and beautiful now also and will always be as ppl whu r beautiful from inside,it shows on their face and in their eyes too <3

Rupa said...

I love your shoes!!

Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

Vandana Choudhary said...

thank you Rupa :)

shikha gautam said...

again the attraction was that V cake :P yummy
PS life

Vandana Choudhary said...

hahaha shikha,u only notice the yummies n nt me :(
thanks for visiting my blog dear :) :*

shikha gautam said...

hahaha its not that dear. i am just joking. you always look beautiful :)

Vandana Choudhary said...

Thankies so much,
I know dear,I was jus pullin ur leg,
love u shikhu :) :*

shikha gautam said...

<3 love u too vandana :) :*

Nitish Tiwary said...

looking cute in this outfit

Vandana Choudhary said...

thank you Nitish :)

Vandana Choudhary said...