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Heart is where the home is..and I love my home very much as I spend all my time at home.My home is where I feel myself comfortable and free.I love keeping my home neat and clean and stylish too because I love to be surrounded by beauty and decorating my home is what I love.

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To style my home I would choose the minimalistic theme because I like to keep my home simple yet stylish.There are lots of amazing products available on this site from photoframes to attractive paintings,lovely carpets to wall stickers but I have to choose only 3 So from this Makemyhome website I would choose these three products to creatively decorate my home.

1.Swayam 3 pieces bedroom set
Link to this product~ Here
I would choose this bedroom set because its really very stylish with three colors black,white and red.I read somewhere that our bedroom must have a touch of red color as it brings positive energy.What I loved about this set is has zebra prints which gives a modernised look to my room.

2.Style Homez Zebra Printed Classic Bean Bag
Link to the product ~Here
I have selected this bean bag because I find them really comfortable and trendy.I can put it in my bedroom and sit on it whenever I feel like reading novel or just while doing my online work.I have selected it as it is matching with the bedroom set.Again the zebra print on it gives a touch of style to my room.
3.Silver Fish Mouth Flower Pot
Link to this product~Here

I love seeing fresh flowers in my room as their fragrance is which gives me and spreads positive vibe around.To keep the beautiful flowers,I have selected this silver flower pot in fish mouth shape.This is my favourite product from this site as its really very innovative product.

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Vandana :)


Unknown said…
Love bean bags but I get too lazy on them. Hehe
vandana said…
Hehe,I love bean bags too :)
TaNuja said…
Hi Vandana, Thankyou for the lovely comment on my blog on the post 'Ladies Day Out - 6 '. You have a lovely blog here.

Would you like to follow me on blogger? I'd follow you back. :)

TaNuja said…
Following you Vandana.


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