My Dream 24K home with Porcelanosa

Hi friends!
We all dream of a home where we see everything of our own choice.We work hard every single day to make a beautiful home for us and our family because there is no place like our own home.We find peace of mind when we come home from hectic day at work.We want to see our family staying  in cozy home and where are kids are loving their cute bedrooms.It is rightly said that~'Home is where,the heart is'.We all agree.Today I have got an opportunity to share my dream home with all my readers.Being a girl,I have always imagined a beautiful and happy home,no matter whether its big or small.I want a home where I can share every day with my loving family and create beautiful memories to cherish forever.When I was a kid I love keeping my home neat and clean because home is the place where we spend most of our time and where we relax and enjoy the leisure time with our loving family.Our home plays a very important part in our life.

Ok so lets move to My Dream 24k Home with Porcelanosa~
The world celebrated Porcelanosa ventures into Asia for the first time with Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd for their luxury brand #24KLiving
For me the most important place in home is my kitchen because I spend half of my time in kitchen and make yummy dishes for my family so I want it to look really nice
To build my dream home I have selected this because this looks really classy and comfortable kitchen furniture,
G690/G670 Roble Coco Vintage G490 Blanco Mate
Link to this item~

For my dressing room I have selected this because this looks really spacious and organised,being a fashionista I need lot of space for my dresses,footwear,accessories etc
Link to this wardrobe and dressing room ~Nature Roble Marengo/Lino Cancan Textil

I have selected these Urbatek Technical Porcelain Floor because these are dark in colors and looks really elegant.I spend most of my time working online in my study room and I would love to have these floor tiles in my study room
Concrete Black Basic Snow

I have selected this bathroom furniture because its collection includes cutting-edge designs.
Next Gris Claro/Roble Ahumado

I hope you all liked my idea of dream home with 24k Home!

Vandana :)


Keep the Secret said…
Great blo dear!
this "Place" post looks like a great place to live!
see u soon and keep in touch

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