What's Hip In Food This Summer

Hi friends!

What do you think is the hottest food trends of the upcoming summer? Well,I am going to share the list of food which I think is the most trending food this summer. I ordered all these food items from foodpanda.in and I think these items set the hottest food trends .I loved ordering food from foodpanda mobile app and I think it is the best website for ordering food online!

Have a look at my order and the 3 Food items trending this summer~

So what comes first on my food plate ~

 1.Paneer Tikka
Why?My love for paneer is never ending.I think paneer tikka works as the perfect party starter or snack.Don't you agree? Soft juicy chunks of Paneer (Cottage Cheese) marinated in curd & spices and then grilled with veggies like tomato,onion and capsicum! Its a great dish and my all time favourite snack. Love for paneer tikka is ever growing. This vegetarian dish is on top, in everybody's favourite food list . Eat or serve this vegetarian barbeque with the green chutney for the best taste. This is the most hot and spicy food trending this summer.

What could be better than having paneer tikka :)

2.Kadahiya Paneer Masala

I am a big foodie and I agree that I cant live without Paneer on my plate. When I go out for lunch or dinner outside and I dont taste Paneer,I feel something was missing.So when I checked the menu of restaurants listed at foodpanda.in while I was ordering food from Foodpanda.in ,I saw that kadahiya paneer masala is trending in every restaurant kitchen and I thought of ordering it and tasting it.It was perfect and no doubt why every one in our city loves this dish so much. Made with green bell pepper and cottage cheese,this dish is a must try this season!

Life is better with Paneer :D
3.Gulab Jamun
Eating Gulab Jamun is never out of food trend. This is one dessert which is trending everywhere and I guess nobody can resist eating.What do you think? This brown round sweet dish is the most delicious food trending this summer.I cant help craving for more but I have to stop at just one piece :D

For the sweettooth in me

Thank You for reading my food blog!

Have a great day :)


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