Your Dreams Are Mine Now~BOOK REVIEW

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I finished reading this novel~Your Dreams Are Mine Now by author Ravinder Singh last night. Here I am sharing a quick review of this book.

Your Dreams Are Mine Now is an innocent love story of Rupali,a small town girl and Arjun. a Delhi guy. Rupali takes admission in Delhi University (DU). She is an idealist and studies are her first priority. Arjun,is seriously into youth politics in DU. Student Union elections are his first priority.He fights to make his way.

A scandal on campus brings them together and they begin to walk the same path and fall in love.The dreams of Rupali now became the dreams of Arjun. They both fight against evil taking place on campus and against the dominant campus politics and corruption.

Rupali who can't see anything wrong happening in front of her eyes,always took stand to end it.She was a brave and intelligent girl who did her best to help Raheema who was physically abused by Mahajan (College professor). Rupali without thinking about the consequences,brought Raheema out of the clutches of cruel Mahajan and put the Mahajan behind bars.

Then she help her love Arjun in Student Union Elections and make sure the good party comes in power. She took into consideration the problems faced by North-East students on campus.Everything was going smoothly and then all of a sudden the lives of Arjun and Rupali changed forever when Rupali met a tragic end. She was raped by the people sent by Mahajan to take the revenge from her. I was shocked to read that such beautiful love story met this horrible end.

This also made me think that is it wrong to stand for right and against wrong? Is it safe to keep our life at risk for the good of people?I too believe that we should raise our voice against the wrong things we see in our life. But I think to a limit because as I have seen in the story that such monsters can ruin our life for forever :(

What impressed me in this story was Arjun's unconditional love for Rupali and how he take care of the tulsi plant which Rupali planted,so that he can keep her dream alive.

Book Details~
Title~Your Dreams Are Mine Now
Author~Ravinder Singh
Publisher~Penguin Group
Price~Rs. 175

Have you read this book?Lemme know your views in comments.

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