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I believe my creativity keeps me energetic all day, writing new articles on different topics using some unique theme etc .There are many more people who are creative but they don't have any platform to show their creativity. Some are really talented people who love designing clothes and accessories ,some love painting,some love writing and doing lots of creative things. Sometimes people are not able to reach wider audience due to many reasons ,first being they are not able to set up their own store or boutique (if they are into fashion designing ), some are not able to go out much to display their work in exhibitions or markets ,some find self-branding really expensive and many more endless reasons .But does all these reasons make their creativity any less ?No .You should be proud to turn your passion into your career and your paycheck. And for marketing your products ,you don't need to worry now because ezebee.com is here to promote your products.

Will they charge anything for making your dream come true ?No they won't . ezebee.com is open for all and they don't take any commission . It's really a very useful website for all who really what to do something on their own .I am really glad to find such website where I can list my blog ,open a showroom, display products I would like to sell and get larger audience . I too love designing clothes but as there are not much audience so I did not give much time to designing .Sometimes we need some incentive to keep our passion alive, not always in terms of monetary etc but in terms of feedback ,appreciation from like minded people .But now I can easily try selling my designed clothes on ezebee.com. We can even buy some really stylish products from this site.

I have even registered at this website and created a showroom and I have also listed my blog services there. I am thinking to upload a dress designed by me soon. I also searched for some really good designer services in New Delhi and found some really good designers. I could connect to them through Facebook to check their entire collection .This is amazing website ,I wish I knew about this site earlier and stared selling the stuff earlier but it's not late .I am actually loving every feature of this site ,to see active users ,to search by city ,moreover there are so many products to choose from .i must say ezebee.com is doing a great job by providing this free service to all creative minds .Now talent and opportunity both will favor you .so what are you waiting for? Start your online store ,website at ezebee.com and enjoy the benefits .If you need any help or if you have any query about ezebee.com ,how it works etc you can always drop me a mail and I would be happy to help .

They are also running International Christmas contest on their facebook page HERE

From November 23rd until December 11th, participate each week to try to win one of 5 amazing creations from ezebee.com  international showrooms!

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Very nice post! Thanks for sharing dear!
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Great post!
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