LOVE NOT FOR SALE by Anurag Garg: Book Review

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Today I finished reading this book LOVE NOT FOR SALE by author Anurag Garg. I did not order this book but I received it in mail (I dont know how) but I am happy that I got it. I really enjoyed reading it. And I read somewhere that if we liked reading any book, we must thank its author by writing a review.

Kabir Thapar is the spoilt son of a rich capitalist in Mumbai. After his mother's sudden death, he dont get love from his father and he failsto understand his life's purpose. He lives a luxurious life and spends all his time with girls. His girlfriend Shanaya gets married to someone else leaving Kabir frustrated. Kabir's father too pass away and this leaves him in shock. But after few days he sees his stepmother with some other man and he finds himself in shock and anger. That night he was drunk and drove car crazily killing two innocent people. Realizing that he did accident in that dark night, he runs away taking money from his best friend Rhea. He finds refuge in brothel. There is sees harsh reality of life, how many women are forced in flesh trade.He observe the tough lives of sex-workers, their kids and their struggle to feed them and their families. It shows us how some women spend lead their life by selling their bodies and our society makes fun of them instead of understanding their situation. Kabir starts changing when he see how fortunate he was and how unfortunate those women were whom he stayed. He start finding pleasures in others happiness and little joys of life. He feel bad for the condition of women living there. He become a completely changed human being,  He forgets his own pains after listening their stories. There he falls in love with this girl, Sehar who was beautiful inside and outside. After hearing her story on how she was forced in this flesh trade by her uncle at the age of sixteen. Kabir decides to help her come out of that hell and also promise to find her sister Rehmat and brother Zaheer. He promise her to be with her all his love. Sehar only wanted true love in her life and she knew that LOVE WAS NOT FOR SALE. She found her true love in Kabir. Kabir for whom, girls were just for fun. But he did not love Sehar for her body but he truly loved her soul. They both touched each other's soul. Kabir fulfilled his promise to find Sehars sister Rehmat. Kabir decided to surrender to Police and live rest of his life with Sehar. Later he comes to know he killed Sehar's brother in road accident that day. He feels sorry for this as he loved Sehar so much. His life seemed happy and he found his true love but then he was guilty of killing Zaheer.
Again his life becomes dark after bomb blasts took place in Connaught Place where he lost Sehar. He becomes lifeless after Sehar's death and he accepts five year imprisonment in jail. He make sure his step mothet Alisa takes care of Rehmat. After coming out from Jail he feels Sehar in every moment in his life wherever he goes. Their love was still alive and this story shows that love can happen to anyone , anywhere.

I am really touched by this story and Kabir's and Sehar's true love story. Sehar's love changes Kabir into a different person. This story is well-written and author has done a really good job. Now I would love to read his other book too.You all must read this.

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Merry X'MAS. Great review!
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Hi Vandana, this is my first visit to your blog and I read all of your posts. This is an awesome blog and am glad to connect. Waiting for your next post (a new year post 😀)

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