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Today I am going to review The Bestseller She Wrote by author Ravi Subramanian.
It's a story about paperback King Aditya Kapoor. He is the bestselling author and a banker. He has a spectacular career, a loving wife Maya and a 6 year old son. His life is perfect. Then he meets Shreya, a student with a heart full of ambition. Young, beautiful and one who obsessively chases after what she wants. Her dream is to be a bestselling author.


Master storyteller Ravi Subramanian uncover a risky dalliance between a superstar novelist and his alluring protege. The Bestseller She wrote is a combustible cocktail of love, betrayal & redemption.
Aditya balanced his professional life and personal life so well. He was caring husband. He worked in a Bank in day and at night he took out time to write book. I completely agree with Aditya when he says that he enjoys writing as its his passion and he dont do it as his work because the moment he will start taking it as full time work, it will become boring . He is an ideal person . He has a supporting friend Sanjay who also works in same Bank. Shreya met Aditya during and his whole word changes. It started with an argument and turned into love. Then during Management Trainee interviews he hires her and gives her job in his bank and his own team. After knowing about her dream of becoming an author, he makes a promise to help her. He gets attracted by her beauty and clarity of thoughts. One by one he crosses his limits in this relationship as he enjoys being in her company. But he did not think that he is making a wrong choice and one by one he even started lieing to her caring wife. He did know that his family is most important but he was also doing everything for Shreya.Later he realizes his mistake when Maya comes to know about his relationship with Shreya. Shreya did not leave any opportunity to take use of Aditya. She took help in correcting her book, meeting his important contacts like Anurag Kashyab,fil-maker, taking his publisher's help in getting published and getting introduced to lot of important people in his party. It was clearly seen in every meeting of Aditya & Shreya that she was behind his help in making her author and promoting her. Maya didn't forgive him for this and when he finds him unable to help Shreya further, Shreya creates lots of problems for him.

I must say that this book gripped me and I finished reading it within two days because when I started reading it, I didn't feel like stopping for  a second. I was awake till 3 am for two nights, in order to complete this amazing book as fast as I can. Reading this book made me curious as to what will happen next and we all know that reading a book in continuity makes it more interesting.
Author has done a good job in his this romantic novel. The simple language made it easy to understand.

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looks like a go read!and merry christmas!!!!!:)

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