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We all dream of a life of success and achievement but is dreaming enough to achieve your dreams? To live our dream, we need to work hard and most importantly in the right direction. Yes, it is equally important to dream because success begins with a dreamer's will. Along with Self-motivation, we also need the best advice of someone who can guide us to reach our goals. A constant motivation and appreciation is always required to make our dreams a reality.

I too had a dream! A dream to do something good. A dream to become something. A dream to become Independent. I had a dream but I had no idea how to achieve my dream. After completing my studies, I did not get opportunity to any job and then for sometime I felt confused as I could not do anything to achieve my dreams. But I always believed in myself and in my dreams. Then I started thinking what I clearly wanted. Why go for anything else? Why not do something which I really, really want to do. I asked my brother for his advice. I asked him what he thinks I can do really well. He told me, what I already knew. But his Advice Mattered. He told me to make career in fashion and writing because this is what I am passionate about. He have seen my fashion writing skills and then I decided to start my blog and write. He helped me whenever I needed his advice because I feel that I am a very confused girl and never able to figure out what I exactly wanted to do. But my brother's advice put me on the path of fulfilling my aspirations. His guidance and support increased my confidence. Now I am clear what I want to do all my life. I thank him for encouraging me in my journey of success and again making me feel confident. He removed the obstacles in my life and his help made my dreams a reality. Today I feel independent and successful. I feel I am living my dream and this felling of achieving dreams and become independent is something above all happy feelings. Being independent made me feel secured and I feel success is the biggest happiness.

I would say the right path to achieve your success if good advice and guidance. Students can achieve their dreams with Stoodnt . Stoodnt helps students in achieving their dreams by providing free counselling session and students can connect with top international counselors. It aims at providing step by step Quality Expert Guidance for best admission outcome.

I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt


Abhyudaya said…
Congrats on your winning post, buddy.
Bhawna said…
great write up. Congrats


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