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Today I am going to review this novel- The Story Of A Suicide by Sriram Ayer. The main characters in this story are Sam, Charu, Mani and Hari. The illustrations are by Ghana. Today's young generation is expressive, self-absorbed, afraid and fearless, impulsive and hurried. They make quick decisions in anger and frustration without thinking about the consequences. In a world that makes unreasonable demands of them, many are disillusioned about their education, relationships, jobs, sexuality, bullying and abuse.

In the backdrop of a powerful story and visuals, this project aims to reach out to young people, by verbalising their struggles through the story, informing the do's and don'ts when they face challenges, and providing a platform to share their experience.

The story is divided into 31 chapters  with titles and this makes the story more exciting as we become curious to read what happens next.

The story revolves around Sam, Hari, Charu and Mani who all are studying in the same college. Sam is attracted towards Charu. Charu is independent and fearless girl, feminist types. She speaks her mind openly. Sam who is a self-proclaimed tech-geek and a rich guy.

Mani and Hari are gay in the story. Hari who faced sexual abuse at her home by his own uncle, when he was a child. This affected his life badly. Mani who belongs to a poor family, suffered a lot and his mother worked day and night at kiln to earn so that her son can study. His father left both of them. Now he wanted to study well so that he can give all the happiness of the world to his mother, which she could never get.

Situations become complicated when Charu want space in a relationship and Sam's over possesive nature made her feel uncomfortable. Sam  becomes criminal minded and  with Aditya he plan something shocking! Mani tries to commit suicide but his friend Charu saved his life. He tried to commit suicide as he could not score well in English Language. All these characters face different problems in their life and the end is tragic that you should read and know yourself.

What I loved about this story are the conversations between these characters. Through these conversations, the author informed us indirectly about the do's and don'ts when we face big problems in our life. The tips I found useful in this story are:

  • All of us have gone through unfair situations in life and at many times we have reacted rather childishly with less forethought and understanding of the consequences.Much of the problems can be negated by killing our impulsive and reflexive responses.
  • It says suicide is cowardice and I agree. Inflicting pain our ourselves and others is not the solution. We must introspect on how can we solve the problem.

  • I loved the advice that Mani's teacher Madhavi gives him: "There will always be a time when someone whom you truly love, may have to leave you. It is hard, I know how it feels, when we try to possess a person, love evaporates soon. What matters is how much you loved and how much someone loved you ".
  • I also liked when Mani says " There are many deep secrets and demons within us that we do not have answers to. Some we might never find. It's okay. Before we accept each other, it is important to accept ourselves. Accept our feelings, our past, our flaws, our situations. Once we begin to accept, we will start appreciating what we have now and be grateful. This way we can be less anxious about life, more secure, so that we can love more ".


Sometimes the only option our disturbed mind can see is SUICIDE. When we find ourselves so incapable of handling anything, we simply wish to disappear. But wait..Suicide is not the answer. Give yourself some time to think. I agree some people have to go through so much pain  and suffering at every stage of life. We all go through moment of panic and fear and sometimes life is always so mean to some people, but that should not make us weak. Suicide is Cowardice and we are not cowards. We must focus on becoming strong.

  •  Life is a struggle and the fight goes on. I would say whenever we face any problem big or small in our life, we must stay calm and think calmly what can be done to sort it out. We need to pause and think in peace. My idea when I face any problem is to avoid it for few days, for example if you're angry on yourself or on someone or on some situation, just dont pay attention to it for sometime, dont react, dont get angry. It will disturb your mind and when you're calm you can think about it peacefully.
  •  If we are unable to get any solution, you must seek help of your parents and siblings because our family can help us in every situation, no matter how complicated it is. Our family will never judge us and will always stand for us because they love us unconditionally and they accept us for who and what we are. So trust your family.
  •  Also believe in yourself. Don't let your mind think negatively. Our own negative thoughts are our first enemy. We must learn to train our mind to think positive in every tough situation of your life.
  • Suicide is not always a sudden thought that just comes up in our mind and suddenly we decide to take our life. Sometimes it's sudden thought after we face undesirable situation, and sometimes this develops over a period of time. For example, if some people are suffering from  long time and they feel helpless and somewhere in their mind, they feel tired of struggles in their life. So they might  think of ending their life. But the solution is, dont let these thoughts develop at the first place. Even if you ain't able to find out any solution then dont ever think about giving up on your life. Thoughts develops into action very quickly, so try to think positive as much as possible, keep the hope alive. Think of a better future, no matter how dark is your present or past. Everyday  is a new start and each day can bring lots of opportunities and solutions to your problems which you don't have now.

  • See first accept that everyone face problems in their lives and you're not the only one. This thought might give you some strength that you're not alone.  Dont react impulsively, try to be master of your mind. If your mind is in control of you, you can overcome any harsh situation in your life. When your mind starts thinking about all the negative things in your life, it's when you loose yourself.
  • ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF, if you'will love yourself, you'll never ever think of ending your life. If one chapter is bad in your life, then dont expect other chapters to be bad too.  
  • Life is a beautiful gift, learn to live as beautifully as you can. Make each day special. Surround yourself with people who love you and will guide you to right path. Always try to manage your thoughts, share them with your closed ones. And if you don't have any friend or family member near you, then try to consult a doctor, there is no harm in going to a consultant in order to deal with your life's problems.

This story is a such a well-written story and I think these types of stories can really help youngsters and also their parents to understand them. I would like to thank author of this novel, for writing such a good story!

I hope all my readers will read this story and this might help many of you to overcome your problems in life!

Have a great life!

Vandana :)


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