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German Airline Lufthansa's new TV ad is what everyone is talking about. This ad is set around English British Cricket Team and this is what they talk about ~ If  you want to beat Indians, think like Indians..Relax like Indians.. Eat Like Indians..Play like Indians..Dance like Indians and Fly like Indians.. Wow. for the first time I liked an ad this much. I enjoyed watching this celebration of the world becoming more Indian than you think.  This is probably the best airline commercial and will be a memorable ad leaving an impression on Indians and people all over the world!

The MoreIndianThanYouThink  campaign by the German airline highlights its ‘Indian heart within a German soul’ to add an emotional dimension for its services.

Lufthansa Airline think differently. It feels great that our India is leaving an impact on other countries. Our delicious food, our 'Desi' ways of entertainment, our ways to relax ourselves, our ways to dance and enjoy are enjoyed not just by Indians but all over the world. I am glad to watch the celebration of India’s growing global influence in Lufthansa's TVC.

Now I would like to share my story on ow being an Indian helped me win in a situation and, how my ideologies, values and culture have contributed to my success!

India is known as a 'Land of Virtue'. The land where humanity has attained its highest towards generosity, towards purity, towards calmness, above all, the land of introspection and of spirituality. All I focus is try to become a true Indian by nature. Our ideologies focus on 'character building' and it really helped me in achieving success. I would say that my patience and steady work has always helped me in winning. Our Indian Ideology to tolerate and embrace other cultures has also helped me at workplace to cooperate with my colleagues from all different backgrounds, to work as team and achieve success together. I made sure that there is absence of jealousy in me and I always help others who want  to do good. I think about cooperation and not about competition at workplace which really helped in gaining friends at workplace and not competitors. According to me, we all should learn something from each other's culture. I remember, last to last year, one foreign client approached me to manage and cover a fashion event in my city. She knew few people here and she was worried as to how will this show go as she could not come here due to urgent appointments in her country. I tried to help her by interviewing the celebs at the event and doing as much work as I could do to make this event successful. I too was busy to take more work that assigned earlier but as this was also related to a social cause, for NGO- working for children's welfare, I took up all the responsibilities and fulfilled. After seeing my hardwork and dedication for the work , and love for children and NGO's working for the education of unprivileged children, she got really impressed :) and gave me many projects and assignments. I would say our Indian ideology of helping others in need helped me in achieving success to an extent.

 I believe that India can offer a new way of thinking to the world. And not just me but German Airline Lufthansa believe in the same. I really appreciate Lufthansa for offering Indians with great Hospitality which believes in making us feel at home.

A perfect journey at Lufthansa starts with a heartfelt 'Namastey' .Lufthansa's Indian Flight Attendants are fluent in Hindi and native in the language of Hospitality.

 After we have seated ourselves comfortably, they make us feel like home by serving Garam Chai and delicious meals that we all would  enjoy.

They take care of Inflight Entertainment and make sure that our travel time flies by, as being our hosts, they entertain us with Bollywood blockbusters, Indian Radio Channels and newspapers in Hindi, what all one can ask to have Desi Fun!

Now we all can see how Indian they are. Lufthansa, an airline that is #MoreIndianThanYouThink !

Thank You!
Vandana :) 


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