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Rains and Delicious Crispy Snacks are a perfect combination.. From decades our grannies and mothers have pampered us with pakode varieties during monsoon season. It's time for us to pamper them with some new age innovative yet healthy recipes for the monsoon season.. Getting creative with existing kitchen ingredients and appliances is easy with the recipes we are sharing. So get started with yummy rainy recipes and treat your loved ones with good food

Ingredients: 10-12 stalks of asparagus

 125gm pasta
 Red pepper - As per your taste
 1/2 lemon
 a few salad leaves
Salt - As per your taste
 Pepper - As per your taste

Instructions  -

Boil water in a bajaj electric kettle. Put asparagus and cook for 2-3 minutes or until the asparagus tips are tender. Once cooked to a tender-crisp texture, dip the asparagus in cold water and drain. Next take some water in a bajaj electric kettle, put few drops of oil and boil pasta in it. Drain the remaining water and allow the pasta to cool down to room temperature. Mix the pasta and asparagus. Add some lemon juice and season according to taste. You can also use other vegetables like beans, carrots, mushrooms and peas, in place of asparagus or even along with asparagus. Arrange on a platter with salad leaves and enjoy it cold.

We are sure you had a great time checking out the monsoon recipes for yummy snacks. Do you have some innovative snack hacks this rainy season? Share them and win exciting prizes. Visit Bajaj Electricals’ Facebook page and participate in the #HackTheSnack contest to win assured Grofers cashback vouchers, Bajaj Air-fryer, Sandwich Maker and much more! What are you waiting for? Your kitchen experiments and unique snack hacks can help you win big..

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