Everyone has a dream to invest their little savings each month and finally upgrade their old “mini” car to a dream car. They would have wanted to own a premium Sedan or a SUV or even a stylish hatchback. But when it comes to the time of purchase you’ll be left wondering on what car you should actually buy. You may know only 2-3 cars in that segment, but your friends, family or colleagues may influence you, rather confuse you about buying a different brand. You’ll be left with a lot of choices but actually very little info to decide. Unlike a mobile or a gadget which you might replace it in a year or two, a car is a much bigger investment which also holds a higher sentimental value. Hence the thought process behind a purchase decision is infinitely more.

Though you might have seen TV advertisements, print ads or even seen a nice car on the road, you’d not know the technical features behind it and rather the first hand review of the owner. There’s always a disparity in cars when it comes to claimed mileage and actual mileage, engine performance etc. Some of the accessories and added features would be present only in the more expensive variants and not on the base version.

So how do you really make a decision to narrow down on a specific brand, a specific car and a specific variant? This is where AutoPortal comes in. Auto Portal is a website that collects information about every car & bike in the market along with ratings, technical info & expert reviews and provides you a comparison based table to make a smart decision. Furthermore it also aids in purchasing the car by connecting you to the nearby dealer and also provides the EMI amount if required.

Evaluation of a car has to be done on several key aspects such as Brand Name, Engine(cc), Price, Mileage, Petrol or Diesel, Transmission type, Torque, Wheel Size for Stability & Grip, Service costs , among other things. AutoPortal neatly lists down every single feature of the car and also highlights the key differences when you compare multiple cars.
For example, let’s say you want to buy a Hatchback with a budget of 5 Lakhs, simply do the following things

  • Login to Auto Portal. 
  • Click on New Car Research. Select Hatchback as Body Type


Bike Reviews and Comparison : Not only cars, you can also get information on bikes, do comparison and get connected with the dealers immediately.

Upcoming Launches and Automobile news : If you are an auto enthusiast, you can get to stay updated by reading the news articles, upcoming vehicles , their expected price and other info. #Autoportal gives you #FreedomToExplore

  • Make a Car booking request through AutoPortal
  • Pay a token booking amount at the dealerership and don’t forget to remind him that you arrived through AutoPortal’s referral

  • Once done, send a dealer booking receipt through Whatsapp to 09953350171 to participate in the offer
  • Pay the rest of the amount to dealership and own your Dream Car

If you are wishing for an all-expense paid vacation to Dubai or Goa, you are in luck and arrived at the right place.  AutoPortal is offering two winners a chance to go to Dubai or Goa this August.
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