About PUNtastik:

Puntastic is a brand that has been designed by a number of young and contemporary designers.Their clothing comes with a tag line of " Humor that makes you think". Puntastic guarantees hassle free replacement against against size issue or material damage.

Wearing "Meet me at the Bar Tonight" Tee from Puntastik

This tee shirt makes for a great pick for anybody who likes working out at the gym. The caption on the tee shirt says, " Meet me behind the bar tonight".
The tee shirts from PUNtastic, definitely have all the pun intended. When you wear it to the gym, everybody is sure to notice your chiseled muscles and your good sense of humour.
The tee shirt has half sleeves and looks good on anybody with developed biceps.
These can practically be paired up with all sorts of bottom wear including: Shorts, bermudas, pyjamas and
even denims.For all purposes, I find denims the most comfortable to wear. So, I chose to team up thes tee with denims and sneakers.
This tee shirt is made up of 100 percent hosiery.This makes it a very fit choice for gym as it allows your sweat to evaporate, easily.

Being Sofishticated tee shirt

Look effortlessly trendy with this Royal Blue tee shirt that says "Being Sofishticated".
You can manage to look elegant yet casual with this uber cool number.
Looks best when worn with white or Blue denims. I chose to wear this with a denim Dungaree and White sneakers.
This makes for a good choice of outfit when you want to hang out casually with your friends or are going shopping.

I loved these two tee shirts that I have ordered and am planning to buy more in future. Also, if you have a friend’s birthday coming up and want to gift something that does not burn a hole in your pocket, you can always go for this one or any one tee shirt out of the huge variety of PUNtastic tee shirts available online.

You can follow PUNtastik  on Instagram.


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