The award-winning entrepreneur's Harsh Kedia's 'journal' is a one of its kind, with insights to his journey through years of loving entrepreneurship and business. This book simplified fundamentals of how to start up, literally. Harsh Kedia one of India's top motivational speakers and youngest speaker on The Outstanding Speakers Bureau, 3 time TEDx speaker and CEO of 3 companies and head of marketing and consultant at multiple brands. This book celebrates the learning of over the years of hard work and failures he has faced, things he has done to overcome. This book isn't about why 95% start-ups fail but what the 5% successful start ups actually do, that no one talks about. It doesn't talk about how to get funded, but talks about survival and a path to follow on your entrepreneurial journey.


There are many people who face problems at the start of their enterprise/start up and this book offers some go-to formulas that will benefit entrepreneurs in achieving success of their brand. The book details the author's rise from his first job to becoming one of the successful entrepreneurs today along with his advice for entrepreneurs who are still building their own success stories.

The book opens up with an introduction to Author's entrepreneurial journey. The Author was battling a lifelong disease, Diabetes. How he started his entrepreneurial journey with a blog which turned into a venture and how it helped him in becoming entrepreneur is truly inspiring tale of success. He changed 4 jobs and worked on 5 ventures either as a founder or as a co-founder/mentor. What he has learned over the last 8 years, he kept recording in a journal which has now materialised into a book. Author wants to share his tips and ideas in the form of this book for newcomers.

The book is divided into sixteen chapters which makes it really easy to understand the useful points author wants to explain to readers. Each chapter provides invaluable information for budding entrepreneurs. It stresses on the importance of brand naming and logo in the first few chapters. Author talks about why before launching the brand, entrepreneurs should have clear purpose, vision and mission in mind about their products /services. Author also focusses on deeper truths like first understanding the aspirational consumers, then scope out competitors and finally the importance of retaining innovativeness in their products/services. Brand Uniqueness, Target Audience, Pricing, Channel of Sales, Driving Profitability are some other important factors that play an important role in brand success and these are also discussed in the following chapters. Author has very well explained the importance of Digital Presence and how Social Media Marketing can influence the brand image to great extent. Author has tried to cover all other important aspects too including Personalization of Brand, Brand social responsibility, The DoughNots of Branding, Designing, Sense of Aesthetic, Brand Review. Then in the last chapter, there are informative conversations with some serial entrepreneurs which will help readers. There are inspiring quotes at the end of every chapter that will motivate readers. It is ideal for those who are looking to build a business they love and also for the growing entrepreneurs.

This book contains timeless advice that entrepreneurs in all industries can use. The hard-earned lessons from author's journey are effectively captured in this slender book. Entrepreneurs can use these lessons and apply them to their own start-up. Author's solid content and compelling writing style will keep readers turning the pages. I believe that readers will greatly benefit from reading this book.


"Honest brands sell faster, sustain longer and expand further"--Harsh Kedia


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