5 Easy Eye Makeup Tricks For Diwali

 Diwali season is here, and it’s the time that we all love. The vibrant colours of diyas and lights make this festival loved by all. But Diwali is also the time where you get your glam on. You cannot be done by simply donning a festive attire; it needs to be teamed up with perfect makeup. And the one area that takes your entire look a notch higher is the eye. And here are some of the best Diwali makeup tricks for your eyes. 

Get Smoky With A Hashtag 

Smoky eyes can add an edge to a simple outfit. But if not done right, it can get sloppy quite quickly. So the first Diwali makeup trick for eyes is to get the perfect smoky eyes. Using a creamy eyeliner, draw a hashtag symbol in a slanted manner on the outer eyelid. Then, using a smudging brush or sponge, blend it nicely. This will make sure that equal symmetry is created in both the eyes. And will also ensure that you don’t get too out of control with the liner. 

Pop Your Eyes With Nude Eyeliner 

The next Diwali makeup trick is for lightening up your eyes with a simple nude eyeliner. Nude eyeliner on your eyeliner will help in brightening up dull eyes. This is an excellent advice for hooded eyes. With your eyes looking more awake, the rest of the eye makeup will undoubtedly pop-up. 

Filling The Brows 

When doing Diwali makeup or any other kind of makeup, people often tend to overlook eyebrows. But a perfect set of brows can make your makeup look flawless. A simple trick to start your brows is to brush from outside the bose towards the corner of the eye. And use a spoolie brush to stroke your brows as it will give a more even finish. 

Don’t Forget The Concealer 

Often when doing Diwali makeup, people just go directly with colours on the eye. But this impacts how the shades come across. This is particularly crucial when you have dark circles or a little reddish tint on the eyes. Using a good eye concealer would even out the complexion of the eyes and also prepare your eyes for eyeshadow. 

No More Clutter With Mascara 

We all love how mascara makes your lashes look thick. But often, when we are layering up the mascara, it ends up sticking together, resulting in an unappealing look. In order to avoid that, you can use a little translucent powder. Once you have applied the first coat of mascara, dust a little translucent powder over the lashes, and then go with the second cost. Using the powder helps in adding the extra length as well as volume to the eyelashes without making them appear clumsy.

There you have to it, some amazing Diwali makeup tricks for your eyes. When your eyes are looking perfect, it adds to your overall look. These are some essential eye makeup tips that will set a strong base for your eye look and make the colours and your eye pop up bright. 



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