Our love for bags is undying. Am I right? And this staying at home rule has got nothing to do with our passion for this favourite accessory. Our loved pastime has become browsing and shopping bags online. And we all us fashionistas continue to stay in sync with the latest fashion trends, thanks to all the fashion shows and designer launches online. And the hottest trend for this season is vintage bags. Have you ever wondered how to buy vintage bags online?

For the uninitiated, we need to get a clear picture of what a vintage bag actually is. Well, a bag that is older than 25 years is usually called vintage.

Some experts these days are considering a period of 10 years to consider an item vintage. Well, that's yet to be established as of now. 
So basically, a vintage bag is considered vintage when:
  • It is used (duh) or speaking in fashion terms 'pre loved'.
  • It's genuine leather (that's what you are paying the price for)
  • Old is the new 'new', and hence vintage is so 'in' right now.

However, when shopping for bags online, you really need to be careful as to what you are spending your money on. It's easy to get fooled if you are not seasoned enough or you are a first-time buyer. Vintage bags are cheaper than brand new ones but way expensive than a regular bag. There are lots of counterfeit items out there that claim to be vintage to rip you off. So here I am with some tips that I have collected, learned and applied over the years. 

1. Study, study and study: Before buying shopping bags online, make sure you buy your bags from a well-known website; leather bags can be very expensive sometimes; Kompanero offers a lot of bags inspired by vintages an iconic set of premium leather accessories for you, How cool is that?

 2.Check the Quality: When you order bags online, you tend to get nervous about the quality of your bag; the quality of a bag speaks a lot about the bag; one can talk and tell about the bag from the appearance and the quality of the bags. Kompanero never ditches their customer when it comes to the quality of their bags.
3.Go for sustainable leather vintage bags: A sustainable leather bag is a byproduct of farming and agriculture. The animals were not used for the sole purpose of using their leather for goods. Sustainable leather is only a by-product of the meat industry. 
4. Trust your instincts: You know when you know. When your heart says, this is the one, go, splurge on this Birkin; go ahead. There is something about gut instincts that can never ditch you.

 Why should you Invest in vintage-inspired bags: Investing in a vintage-inspired is a great idea because:
  • You are going to look classy all the time. 
  • They are very durable 
  • Worth the price 

So, ladies, I believe I have done my part in helping you how to find the right vintage bag online. If you have more tips, then so let me know.


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