This book of poetry is intended for those who are interested in the love of heart, emotions, and passion. A person ready to love with all being and suffer when love sparkle goes down. If your soul is full of love or once used to be towards someone, you will enjoy those songs. Verses written by Maximilian G. Wolfs are perfect for romantic moments.

BOOK REVIEW: At a time when most people are existing with a melancholic and nostalgia-filled heart thinking of bygone days of freedom of mobility, comes Maximilian G Wolf’s Golden Days. An anthology of poems, this book is for the die-hard romantics who search and find romantic analogies in nature and the world around them. The verses in the book are written across various places and times but intended for a very special person. For those in love, discovering love or even having gone through heartbreaks – Golden Days is a reminiscence of the emotional journey of love, filled with its own ups and downs; but each moment, a memory to cherish.

The words, moments and analogies of the poems are filled with passion, emotion, love, longing, nostalgia and melancholy. But it assures the readers that they are not the only ones experiencing these emotions. Several people worldwide go through them and their accumulated feelings have been given a voice by Wolf’s writings. The crux of the poems tells the readers that life is not a bed of roses. Where there is love and care, there is bound to be heartbreaks and sadness. Such is the way of life! One who can love with all their being must also have the courage and mettle to endure equal sufferings. This cleanses the soul to make a person a better human being and more humane in nature.

It is difficult to choose any one poem but what connected the most with me is Harbor. The lines paint a pen-picture of a still night time harbor where the sailors impatiently wait for their instructions and the glowing lanterns cast fiery lines on the watery horizon. A simple yet powerful visual as stillness, silence, patience, mystery has a unique power over the psyche of the readers that even words need not elucidate. The atmospheric aura of the poem makes one fall in love with it.

Golden Days is a perfect book for you to relax with especially in the monsoons when rains , poetry and poetic aura creates a combination like no other.


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These poems sound so beautiful, romantic, and inspiring! Thank you for the recommendation!
the creation of beauty is art.
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