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We often think that in the Judicial system the right ones should get proper justice but sometimes it happens that they are framed wrongly and have to go through a lot of trouble. This book is about two friends who lost all their wealth due to injustice done to them. Now they are trying to restore justice to prove them innocent. Flip through the pages of the book and find out how they are wrongly charged and getting away with that.


As the title of the book suggests, its a book about restoring justice to the protagonist. This book is written by a 13 year old girl and she has done a commendable job by weaving such an intriguing story. It is by far one of the best children book I have read on crime mystery. The story starts with a robbery at jewellery shop and the investigation of this robbery begins captivating readers from its opening page until its final lines. Readers will find themselves totally immersed in this young writer's debut.  Mridula's ability to translate imagination onto the page and create a world that the reader can see in full spectrum, within a limited amount of words, is a true gift and power. As you move through the book, you will find yourself too engrossed in solving the mystery.

RATING : 5/5 STARS. I would highly recommend this wonderful book to all the fans of mystery.


This sounds like a really interesting story! Definitely like it would keep you on the edge of your seat while reading. Thank you for sharing it <3
the creation of beauty is art.
Very interesting story! And great review will read it soon. Thank you for sharing.
abhiramraatz said…
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