Teenage is a crucial and critical period. Our bodies undergo a lot of changes, and accepting them comes with its own set of struggles. One of the major issues faced by teenagers, boys and girls alike, is hair fall. 

We tried to study the science and analyze the masses and narrow down the five most common reasons for hair fall in teenagers. 

  1. Nutrition - Most teenagers are deceived by glam. They have self-image and body image issues. This can lead to them taking stringent measures to look a certain way or size. They start to cut down on their diet and do not focus on proper nutritional intake in doing so. Lack of proper nutrition is the leading reason for hair fall in teenagers. 

  1. Hormones - Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, is the one single hormone that is the reason for hair fall in teenagers. It is present in both genders, and abnormalities in the hormonal level can drastically affect hair growth and hair fall. Teenage girls especially face the issues of dues to the low levels of testosterone in them. With the help of an enzyme found in the hair's oil glands, testosterone changes to DHT. DHT then literally shrinks the hair follicles, causing hair to fall out. Now, until the hormones balance out, this will be a reason for hair fall in teenage girls. 

  1. Over-styling - In the race to look up to date, teenagers try different hair cuts, hair products, and other hair styling techniques. This is a contributing reason for hair fall. Tight ponytails, excessive hair wax, tight braids and tugs, excessive use of straighteners, and hair dryers all contribute to the weakening of hair roots and drying of the scalp, which ultimately becomes the reason for hair fall in teens. 

  1. Distress - Teenage is a roller-coaster ride! From making friends to making career choices, maintaining grades and academic reputation - a typical teen is always trying to fit in! All of these are reasons enough to trigger emotional distress in an average teenager and can be a leading reason for hair fall in teens. Stress leads to disturbances in diet, sleep cycle, social interaction, and personal hygiene - everything collectively can present as the reason for hair fall in teenagers. 

  1. Medical condition - Seldom, excessive hair fall can be caused by deep-rooted health issues like unregulated diabetes, thyroid imbalance, scalp infection, or a psychological condition called trichotillomania, which is compulsive hair pulling. Caregivers can take notes of the accompanying symptoms and regulate these issues before they become an irreversible reason for hair fall.

  1. Another possible and most common reason for hair fall in teenagers is if it is hereditary. This is known as genetic hair loss or genetic pattern baldness. This is caused when this condition is passed on from parents to their offspring through their DNA. Thinning of hair is the first and most common symptom of this condition, but there isn't much one can do since it is genetic. 

Hair is considered to be a beautiful asset in one's physical appearance. Do note that it is pretty normal to lose around 100 hair strands per day. 

Do not get unnecessarily upset with hair fall, though. You may visit a medical practitioner for treatment when alarmed. Don't forget to check out the miraculous products from traya health for hair fall recovery. 



These are really important factors to consider. Especially feeling stressed! It can make such a big difference when it comes to hair and overall health. Thank you for sharing these!
the creation of beauty is art.
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