Based on what has been said by the greatest psychologists of our time, this book tells the reader what is the concept of romantic love and how to be in a relationship without getting hurt. It is about how to further strengthen a healthy relationship and how to get out of a toxic relationship. The choice that life offers is whether one wants ten superficial, meaningless relationships, or one great relationship that lasts a lifetime. Here are some of the quotes from the book.

"A day spent in understanding your partner will pay you much bigger dividends than a year spent around the world trying to find yourself."

"You can give ten years of your life to an adorable fool, but you should not waste a minute one a mean scoundrel."


This book is divided into seven chapters and each chapter tries to explore into something that is important for meaningful relationships. Each chapter delves further into the factors that impact how we function in our relationships, how factors like past baggage and our ability to understand our emotions as well as others impact our relationships and the more we understand, the better equipped we are to truly connect with and show up for people that truly matters in our life.  Author talks about various categories and stages of love and about the stages/ ideal situations that one should strive to reach. So I won't reveal much about those stages here but I can say that this book is a way to dive into relational education because this is also written keeping in mind the views of famous psychologists and experienced relationship counsellors along with the personal views of the author. This book focus on how you should be able to speak freely in your relationships in order to make authentic connections and also offers guidance which may in turn help readers better communicate relationship challenges! This book as actionable tips for leaving behind some of the toxic tendencies and insecurities. The book talks more about the effort (and not just compatibility) that one needs to put in preserving the special bond of love.

I have found the book really helpful for learning more about ourselves and understand certain behaviours of other people and more about relationship struggles. This novel also shares tips on to deal with difficult relationships, how we can improve as a partner and how we can protect ourselves from getting hurt in relationships. 

RATING: 5/5 STARS. I would like to add that Dr. Govind's insights about love might positively change your views on how you view your relationship. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to become better at handling the relationships.


Author Dr. Govind Sharma became well known for his book on the evergreen Bollywood legend, The Dev Anand Story. He has also published works of fiction like Anant Dot Com, State vs. Amrit Kumar, Break Up Clinic, Of Aakash and Aarti and Madhuleena. This book is a work of non-fiction about the psychology of relationships.


This sounds like a really interesting book! So glad you enjoyed it!
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vaishnavi said…
Nice Story and the way you describe the whole book in a go.
Looking forward to more such book reviews.
vaishnavi said…
Nice story and the way you describe the whole book in one go.
Looking forward to more such book reviews.
FavBookShelf said…
So well-described! Keep it up!

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