Is the break-up killing you? The scariest three words for a person in love are: It is over. The rejection from a loved one can be the most painful experience in life. Ajay, Karan and Nisha seek to end their lives as they are driven to despair by failed love relationships. After the near-fatal suicide attempts, the survivors are in the care of the Freudian Psychoanalyst Doctor Dev who works in a Break-up Clinic to accomplish his mission of providing succor to emotionally wounded persons.

Will Doctor Dev be able to help Ajay, Karan and Nisha to come out of emotional quagmire and move on?

The Break-Up Clinic makes an attempt to answer the question: Why do some people suffer so much in love?


The break-up clinic is a unique book that will not only help the readers who are going through emotional quaqmire but this will help even those people or caregivers who really wants to understand the causes and solution for the emotional breakdown so that they can try to helped their loved ones. Dr. Govind has done a great job by writing this book in a storytelling form which will keep the readers hooked to the book.  This is a story of Ajay, Karan and Nisha who are lost in their lives due the hardships they have faced in their love life and they are sent to Doctor Dev's clinic. Doctor Dev who is a talented Doctor and whose personal life appeared to be a mystery gives his best to makes the lives of these three people worth-living. At Doctor Dev's clinic, Karan, Ajay and Nisha are assigned some tasks and given therapy sessions, affirmations to repeat and exercises to help them. With the help of psychoanalysis, doctors tried to bring out the hidden emotions from the unconscious mind to the consciousness, and enable the ego to deal directly with these emotions. All these three participants comes face to face with their true self which was lost somewhere in their journey of life because of the stressful situation like break-up. In the recovery process, they realise their struggles and they also discover about their inner strengths which gives them new hope to fresh start their lives. Wit the help of the break-up clinic and the efforts on self-improvement by these three people, helped them in leading a happy and productive lives! The book comes with a message that we only live once, but if we do it right then once is enough!

When we are going through a break-up it is very easy to fall in severe stress but it takes a little courage to pull ourselves out of the dark and stressful situations. The recovery, the healing, everything takes time but we need to remain patient with ourselves. The role of the care-givers or loved ones like family is very important in this process. The will-power to actually get better for us and our loved ones, always helps! We must first learn to be grateful in life for all the people and things we have and we must never forget to develop the best relationship, that we have with ourselves. In simple words, feelings of self-love, self-compassion and self-improvement matters a lot.



Dr. Govind Sharma is a medical doctor who retired from the Indian Administrative Service in February 2016. The Break-Up Clinic is his third book. His other works include Anant Dot Com-published in February 2016- and State vs. Amrit Kumar-published in October 2016.


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