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In a short while, the wedding season will start, and all the brides and grooms will have to get ready for their big day. Weddings are one of the most important days in one's life and what you wear on your big day should also be carefully chosen. Nowadays, there are a lot of options available to choose from; however, always remember to stay close to your culture also when it comes to choosing the right wedding dress for groom.


If you are from the north of India, Sherwani is the best choice as it will complement the elaborate lehanga of the bride. If you are from the south, the best option is a cream or a white mundu with a nice complimentary shirt or a shirt style kurta. Dhoti-kurta is the best option for the wedding dress for a groom from the east.

In the past, there was very little importance given to the wedding dress for the groom as it was a matter of convenience, however, now all the grooms are putting a lot of effort into choosing the best outfits for all the wedding functions, You can find a lot of tips online from how to style Nehru jacket to style your suit but some of the important thing that you should keep in your mind is as follows 

When it comes to choosing your outfit, actually any outfit and not just a wedding outfit, and especially for men, is the cut and the fit of the outfit. Always remember that the fit is more important than the style. Especially for your wedding outfit, always go to a tailor or a store that specializes in wedding outfits, suits or who understands cuts. Always plan time for numerous trials and fitting sessions to ensure the fit is perfect for your big day.

While it's important to get the sherwani, kurta or the top right, it's really important to also keep the focus on the bottom wear. The bottom wear should complement the top and should also fit well. Your bottom wear will make a huge difference in how you look. The bottom wear can make you look tall, lean, wide or even fat.

Another big factor to be careful about while buying the wedding dress for the groom is the colour of the outfit. You need to choose the colour that compliments your complexion. the colour should make you look vibrant. Also, the time of the wedding, location etc. also plays an important role in choosing the colour. Indoor, outdoor, day or night all these elements can influence the colour palette.

 If you have a wedding theme or the groom's outfit should match that of the bride's then make sure you choose a colour that compliments both bride and groom.

In all wedding outfits choice of fabric is important. There are various varieties of luxurious fabrics like pure silk, tussar, silk brocades, rich velvets, Resham jamdanis or elegant raw silks. It is also important for the groom to choose an outfit in such a fabric that matches up the glamour quotient of his bride’s outfit.

I have spoken about a lot of points to keep in mind, but the most important point is comfort. Make sure you are comfortable with what you wear for the wedding as you will be posing for a lot of pictures and will be performing a lot of ceremonies. If you are not comfortable, it will be evident on your face and the pictures will always remind you of that :)

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