Dubai stories by Sujith Balakrishnan is a collection of eleven english short stories set in Dubai. All these stories are based on friendship, love, betrayal and loneliness. The tragic story, full of emotions and gloominess.


All these short stories are set in Dubai and they are based on the theme of love, friendship, loneliness and many other emotions that form the basis of human existence. There wasn't any story that I read and I dint like. The stories made me think deeply about human relationships and the basis of human relationships. These stories are written honestly and one can learn and feel the real stories of people on how difficult circumstances change people to become who they would never want to become and how everyone is fighting their own unique battles and how they end up gaining strength to seek solutions and eventually how they walk on the path to discover themselves. The story of Shyama and prakash is about how a woman, who loses all her hair is seen so diffferently by the world and the author has tried his best to give a message in the story to embrace ourselves as we are! It also hightlighted the stories of how nowadays people are considering love on the basis of good looks and how bald women are considered an oddity. I liked how boldly protagonist worked really hard to change the messages in her head. She changed messages which made her believe that she is ugly, worthless and disgusting without hair and started telling herself, she is the beautiful the way she is! This is just of the stories in the book, there are many such inspiring and meaningful stories, like stories of honesty in friendships, stories of survival, stories of beautiful bonds, in the book by Author Sujith Balakrishnan. Some of my favourites are Uncle Smith's story and The placebo Effect. The stories are so nicely weaved that readers will find them engrossed in reading for hours!




Sujith Balakrishnan was born in 1977 in Palakkad, Kerala India. An engineering graduation from government, Engineering college Thrissur with MBA in operations Management and Comprehensive Creative Writing Course from Writers Bureau, UK. "Dubai Stories" collection of eleven short stories is his fourth book.


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