Because When I shop,The World Gets Better ..

Hello shopaholics!!!

There is no better feeling than receiving your order at your doorstep!Online shopping gives us one more reason to  live for another3-5 business days..Agree?

So Wassup guys?I am sure in the other tab you must be browsing the new collections on your favourite online shopping sites :)Well same here <3
We all love shopping but now I love shopping more because from the day I have started online shopping,I am enjoying it more because of Coupons,Cashback and Bargain!Now I buy almost everything online,my clothes,my accessories,my makeup products,not only this I recharge my mobile phone too online.I shop online not only because its easy but also because I am a biggie Kanjus :P and when I shop online I can save lots of money so that I can shop more.Online shopping is the best way to fulfill our shopping wishlists and at the same time we get great discounts which we cannot get on offline stores.
Whenever I shop online and get great offers,I feel proud on me,hehehe (ofcourse because I save lot of money).You know many people are unaware about the benefits of online shopping,they simply go to store,buy their stuff and pay the whole price,but what I do when I shop is ~I check the sales,discounts on all the shopping sites I know,then whichever site I find is selling at less price,I buy my products from there,and listen..,on already disounted prices I use the coupon codes too to get additional discounts,yay..And what I like these days is going to the site through the cashback sites(sites which gives us cashback when we shop through their site,isnt it great?..)
So now its like a habit to me,and I find it really easy also (after all money is not earned so easily,so better spend money but save it too and respect money )
I remember about my shopping experience when I saved lots of money.I saw pair of Carlton London wedges on one site first,the price was like Rs.2600 something,then I checked its price on other site,it was Rs 2100 and then finally I checked it on my favourite online,and you wont beleive ,it was available at just Rs 1900,and then they were offering some percent discount on order above rs 1500,so I think I got it for Rs 1800,It was a great deal :) :)
And now whenever I see those pair of shoes on any other site at high price,I feel so good that I got them  for so less price.So using coupons,bargain is like a routine when I shop online.I also try to search on cashback sites as how much cashback I can get if I shop through them.When I dont get any discount coupon on any site or my favourite products,then I feel my shopping is so incomplete :(
But these days we mostly get discounts on many sites,all we need to do is just check them once before we buy anything.

So Shop,Only to Save More and make your world better :)

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Vandana :*


Unknown said…
nice post!
The Golden Soul said…
Nice one <3

Unknown said…
online shopping means save money darling :P
Beach holiday keeps a doctor away
vandana said…
Exactly :*
Thanks for visiting my blog Shikhu :)
Abhyudaya said…
Nice post. A nice lil, warm fuzzy fashion blog you have here. Good luck with the contest and thank you for the follow on twitter. :)
Hahah.. really! It does.. :)

Thank you for stopping by

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Hahaha I love shopping too!!
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