Blogger Meet & Exclusive Screening Of #SunsilkRealFm

Hello friends!

On friday, I went to Blogger's Meet and the screening of Sunsilk Real Fm movie by Anurag Basu at Tivoli Daffodils.A movie inspired by the spirit of sunsilk girls.It was funfilled day with fellow-bloggers,had lots of fun and enjoyed all the activities there.We got a chance to watch the exclusive screening of this short movie-Sunsilk Real Fm.


Sunsilk Real Fm~A movie about three friends,Reema,Saloni and Anjali who live their lives to the fullest.They are the girls full of life and they find happiness in everything they do.They respect their friendship and understand each other so well.Reema plays a role of  a caring daughter,when her father suffers a heart attack,she takes all the responsibility to run his radio station at the time of emergency.She had no clue on how to handle everything but then her two friends help her to run the radio station in their own unique ways.Their true friendship works as a motivation for them.Their creativity made them think of different and brilliant ideas to organize a proper program schedule for Real Fm 97.5.It was Independence Day,they could simply play same old songs on fm,but they choose to do something which can bring a change in people on that special day.They wanted to do something which they and other people can really enjoy.They try to play something original from all the States of India.They wanted to make everyone feel special about their states.And their idea really worked.People loved their show.Then these girls thought of knowing and showing the views of people on What does Independence means to them?What change they would like to see,What they would like to do for their country,etc.The answers they got were really touching.Through this,they tried to show what actually people feel and think about the problems they are facing.One girl from Manipur replied to their question~that she dont want to be called as chinese because she is from India only like we all are,and people hurt their sentiments and harass them by giving them such remarks.So I feel that this is really a serious problem and we all should raise our voice against it.Secondly,women face embarrasing comments from people everyday,so that behaviour also needs to be stopped.It was very well picturised on that Sadhu Baba that how these Hypocrats set limits for women.They say women should stay at home and should do only household work.Excuse me,who are you to set these rules for us?Did we ever tried to set any rule for men? please dont dare to put any restrictions of women because we women know what we should do and what we so should not.These Babas says that people should stay away from facebook and twitter and other social networking sites,they say if people will eat chaumin then they will get into bad habits and so on..I dont understand why do they think of women so much,why cant they pay heed to their own actions instead of setting terms and conditions of women's freedom.Then these girls try to show the double face of that Baba in front of all listeners in a very smart way.These girls presented the original songs of all the states and the music was so melodious that we all shouted "once more,once more"..They tried their best to make their program meaningful and they were successful in doing the same.
What I loved about this movie:The strong-determination and self-confidence of Reema was wonderful.She dint give up and made her father's dream come true using her creative mind and strong will-power.Then her friends also supported her to their level best.This movie shows the Real friendship of three girls who inspire each other to do better.So after watching this beautiful movie,I can say Life Rocks with friends because friends brings out the best from us,best about which sometimes we are not aware of.Friends are for life.The beautiful lesson which we all learnt from this movie was that we should give respect to every individual without any discrimination of caste, state,color etc because we all are equal.One message which all parents and children got from this movie was that parents should listen to their children and should give them freedom to make their dreams come true and children should also learn to share their thoughts with their parents because sometimes we are in this misconception that our parents wont give importance to our dreams but the reality is something else sometimes.Reema always believed in herself that yes she can really run her father's radio station ,and this one positive thought helped her in keep moving towards her dreams.Where there is a will,there is a way.
I would give 3 ***stars to this movie.A must watch for all :)
I just loved this movie because I can really well relate my story with Reema's Story :)

And now goes my pics having fun with fellow bloggers :) ~

What I Wore To this Event~
Pants~Forever 21
Sling Bag~Romwe

Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Vandana :*


This sounds like such an interesting movie! Definitely the type that I would like to see. Gorgeous pictures by the way!
vandana said…
Thank you Daniella :)
M said…
:) Lovely to connect! Check out my review too!
vandana said…
Thanks mercy,will check now :)

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