Double The Cricket Entertainment With New Starsports.Com

Hello cricket crazy people!
All ready for Pepsi IPL 7?
Afterall we 're a cricket crazy nation!Right..?
But I am not that cricket crazy gal,but when it comes to IPL,I am all excited to watch it with my brothers and I make sure I dont miss a shot.And for this I need to do lots of arrangements in advance.

Craziest Things I did  to watch cricket~

I am gonna share the craziest things I did to watch all cricket updates without missing a single shot.
Firstly let me tell you that I love eating and I keep my pepsi,pizzas,lays,chocolates and golgappas with me so that I dont have to move anywhere in between the match.I complete all my work well in advance to enjoy the matches without any tension of completing any work.I remember it was my best friend's birthday and on the same day I had to watch the match.Both the things were important for me,and I could'nt afford to miss any.So I came up with this crazy idea to celebrate my friend's birthday one day before.I invited all our common friends and celebrated her birthday one day before.Not only this there are many things I have done everytime I had to watch my favourite matches.

Now Cricket Just got Better with new STARSPORTS.COM

With the new amazing features on new STARSPORTS.COM,cricket has become more entertaining and fun!It has changed the way I follow has got many great features including~
 ZIP CLIPS-Quick  videos that capture key match points in  real time.
~It has got ACTION RECAPS~to catch up with the match quickly and completely,no matter when you come in.
~It has got INFOGRAFIX,informative snippets with a visual twist,for your entertainment.

~DEFERRED LIVE,Free video stream of the match with a 5 minute delay.

AND now I will tell you the one feature that I love most about the new STARSPORTS.COM,which is~
FASTEST SCOREBOARD~A scoreboard that delivers faster than anyone else.Well thats most important for every cricket fan to know the live scores on time.We dont even hesitate to ask scores from strangers to when it comes to cricket madness.

All thanks to new STARSPORTS.COM which has really got very useful new features.I am a big fan of too.

I would say IPL +STARSPORTS.COM =Completely Rocking Cricket Experience

This post is a part of Cricket Just Got Better Activity by in association with

Enjoy cricket!


Aga Bierko said…
nice blog :)
Glamour ZONE said…
Great post.
Following you now
Keep intouch
Anmol Rawat said…
"So I came up with this crazy idea to celebrate my friend's birthday one day before"

you surely have a generous friend. My friends would have killed me for the same :D

All the best for the contest Vandana 'the crazy cricket fan' ;)
vandana said…
hehe :)
Its just not a game,its celebration :)
vandana said…
Thank you Anmol :)
Yes that friend was really generous :D
Crickets is more entertaining for me now with
vandana said…
Thanks dear :*
vandana said…
Thank you Aga :)
News or Cricket said…
I like this blog and their posts as well, and thanks for sharing double cricket entertainment
Keep sharing
Anuja Jain said…
Great post.. Love the way you presented it. All the best for the contest.

check out mine too

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