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Hi friends!
Summer is here and you all must be checking your wardrobe to see what you can wear for those girl's day out and other get -togethers.I am also doing the same,checking my closet and shopping things which I need this summer.What could be more sunny then wearing light-hued lace dresses for all your outings.I will share some lace dresses from all new refreshing collection at

1.Pleated Lace Paneled Dress
Buy it here ~

2.Sweet Short Sleeve Lace Dress
Buy it here ~

3.Sweet Lace Overlay Dress
Buy here ~

If you need any help selecting right dress for you this summer,you can always inbox me :)

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Hugs n kisses
Vandana :*


I love the green one most <3
Beena said…
Hi beautiful,
Thank you for stopping by and showing love onto my page, your blog is amazing as well :) The 3rd peach dress looks beautiful!

Do let me know when you make your own "Things that make me Happy" post, I would love to read it. Keep in touch x

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