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Hi friends!
You all know I am a big foodie but I enjoy cooking too.I would like to share my favourite breakfast recipe here which is easy to make and delicious to eat~Pizza Pockets.I try the simpler way to make them.Here comes the recipe:
What all you ingredients you will need:All purpose flour,Milk,Butter,Pizza Sauce,Capsicum,Onion,Tomatoes,Oregano,Black Pepper,Salt.
First we will need to prepare a dough using flour,milk and butter.Then make small balls from this dough and keep them aside.Now finely chop onions,tomatoes,capsicum.Put some pizza sauce,oregano,black pepper and salt.Fill this stuffing in the already prepared balls and cut them in semi-circles.Now grease this pizza pockets with little butter on both sides.Now heat both sides in a pan.Serve this beautiful breakfast  with borosil  glassware from .You can serve fruit juice with this breakfast in these Borosil vision glasses.

This post is a part of contest organized Indiblogger in association with Borosil

Thank You!
Vandana :*


fashionwise said…
great post ! <3
Have you seen my latest post ?
Unknown said…
Yummy recipe. Thanks for sharing :)
Leavepillow said…
yummy recipe..great work..

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