Zindagi Blogger Meet~Jodey Dilon Ko

Hi friends!
Today I went to Zindagi Blogger Meet which was conducted at Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi.
Zee and Indiblogger organised a meet to break all barriers as we could interact directly with scriptwriters,actors and directors from Pakistan from the venue of Mumbai.
As we all know that starting from June 23,channel Zindagi will bring viewers in India stories from across the border,starting with stories from Pakistan that shows the universal emotion.
With the message of 'Jodey Dilon Ko',Zindagi will try to touch hearts to relate with people living across borders.

My 'Jodey Dilon Ko' Experience:
First we got to see and hear the views of Imran Abbas,Pakistan actor who will be acting in new show on Zindagi.I was touched by his thoughts.I can say he thinks really in the same way we Indians too.He talk in the similar way like we all do casually.No doubt I found him so good looking but what I liked is how he tried to bring the real Pakistan which we were unaware of.Because we think the women there in Pakistan are not so outgoing and outspoken.But when we heard him,we could see the strong side of Pakistan women.Like for example,we also saw Sultana Ma'am,director.She produced lots of famous shows in Pakistan(I have not seen them but yes I will see her new shows on Zindagi).She represents the creative side of Pakistan Independent women.My thoughts were really changed after listening to her too as I respect the country where women are allowed to be Independent.She is perfect example for this.Actor Imran Abbas really cleared our thinking for pakistani people,like I earlier thought that there men dont give much freedom to their daughters,sisters and wife.But after I heard Imran's answers to all the questions asked to him,I was really happy to know that there in Pakistan people are just same like us and thats really good.Imran also focussed on the point that these different shows on Zindagi like Zindagi Gulzar Hai,Auun Zara,Kash mai Teri Beti Na Hoti,etc will show the realistic stories from Pakistan.I am more likely to watch these shows after this talk because I do love watching different and real stories which inspires us in some or the other way.I like realistic shows more because we get to see and learn lots of new things about Pakistan Culture,traditions,morals and values,their cinema,etc.

Then we had the pleasure to listen to Salma Ma'am who informed us about the new shows,that how these shows will bring the real face of Pakistan women,Culture,Traditions etc.The traditions of Pakistan and India are really similar,there is only a slight difference like the language,etc but we both countries share same emotions,same thoughts,etc.

I have grown up watching daily soaps on TV,but this time we all will get something new to see and learn too.I have seen the trailors of the shows,I loved the music too,the fashionable attires the actors and actresses are wearing(how can I not see it being a fashion lover).The way the pakistani women talk is really so nice and elegant.I mean they talk with so much respect.I am not getting the exact word to describe their way of talking :).

Here comes some of the pictures clicked at this great event :) Zindagi ~Jodey Dilon Ko

with my best blogger buddy Mansi :)

It was really a 'Jodey Dilon Ko'event for me and I am eagerly waiting to see these serials and will know more about the actors,actresses,their different stories,their acting and offcourse their love for fashion!
Are you excited too for these new shows?

Vandana :*


Unknown said…
My friend Nupur looks exactly like you. Who are you?
vandana said…
Hi shantanu,this is vandana :)
vandana said…
Thanks Sarah
Unknown said…
Fashion blogger! Great. How's life treating you as a fashion blogger?
Unknown said…
I'm sorry. I missed the title (y)
vandana said…
Life is gud,enjoying writing about fashion :)
Hi Vandana. First of all, I must say I am really glad you changed the font of your posts. The older one was a bit difficult on the eyes.But this one is perfect and I could read the whole post without straining my eyes even once :)
And, wow that is such an awesome opportunity you got! I am myself pretty excited about this new channel and all pakistani shows because I have heard from many of my friends that Pakistani shows are far more superior to Indian ones in terms of stories, screenplay and overall quality. They are more realistic. You are looking fab too. Love your striped top.
vandana said…
Yes,I am looking forward to these new telefilms
Thanks a lot dear :*
you changed the font again? :O
vandana said…
Yes neeti,I am facing problem in setting font,but will figure it out soon :)
Anonymous said…
hi Vandana, Very well written, short and sweet. I also attended Indiblogger meet in mumbai. Do read my post and blog.my link is http://monishchandan.wordpress.com

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