Happy Birthday To My Fashion Blog

Hi friends!
Today my blog turns two...Yay.....So wish Happy Birthday to my blog :)
I am so happy ..Today I am celebrating two years of successful blogging.My blog is a part of my life now because its my space where I love to write and share my views with all my readers.Two years back I started my blog just for my passion for writing but now I do earn through my blog too so I am just loving my online work.I would like to thank all my blog readers.And the big surprise is...that..ok..wait...
I would love to share today's pics of Blog Anniversary Celebration..On this special ocassion,I wore black sheer skirt and orange blouse (both from Romwe) and silver Bow Tiara.

And the surprise is my new cellphone~Iphone 5s...
This is what I gifted myself ..Bought this with my own hard-earned money~

Thank You Everyone!
Vandana :)


Anonymous said…
u r looking very beautiful
Prerana said…
congratulations dear
Lenya said…
Happy blog_birthday! And here's to many more to come. That's such a cute cake, gorgeous idea girl.
Thank you :) May I know your name?
TaNuja said…
congratulations vandana :)

Aditi So-Saree said…
Congrats VAndana...u look lovely as always.

TaNuja said…
Thankyou for liking the sparrow dress and the lovely comment :)

Would you wish to like my FB page? Giving the link .

Tanuja :)
A new post:

Fb page:
Happy Happy Birthday Life Rocks!! Vandana, you are a darling and your blog is an extended persona of yourself. So basically You Rock! :D Congratulations on completing two years of blogging!
Thank You Neeti :* LOve you dear :) <3
Olga Rani said…
Congratulations on your blog's anniversary! You look pretty and that cake looks really delicious!
shikha gautam said…
shikha would like you to read…BRIDAL MAKEUP TIPS AND TRICKS
Jannatul JFR said…
happy birthday to your blog and congrats for the new phone ♥
Nitish Tiwary said…
well writing is always been enjoyable..things ...happy to know about your blog birthday...my own blog is 2 year old but i haven't get copyright of it..if you know about how to get copyright and SEO ..then plz mail me at coolnitishtiwary@gmail.com or at fb with same id..thanks...keep writing ..best of luck...
Thank You,and Happy Blog Birthday to u too then.And I dnt knw abt copyright etc,sorry :)
be lalted congratulations on your blog's anniversary

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