Melbourne~The most livable city in the world

Hi friends!
How are you all?
I was not well yesterday,I went out and got sick due to cold weather.Its too cold these days.Do take good care of yourself when you are inside your home and also when you step out from home.

So today I will talk about my love for travelling.I love exploring new places and I want to visit every place in this world.I hope I will get opportunities in future to make my dreams come true.When we travel,we forget everything,we simply enjoy ourselves.I always wanted to visit foreign countries as I have heard and seen a lot about them,Melbourne is one such city in the world on my travel wishlist.

Whats my reason for falling in love with Melbourne?
I did not know much about Melbourne before but now I know why people love this city.This city is full of places which makes it more attractive.This city is chic and elegant,and has a welcoming heart.There are always many new things to discover in Melbourne.From thrilling world class events and renowned architecture.

They have Bathing Boxes,Mornington Peninsula.
This is my favourite place because I have read a lot about this romantic place.At mornington peninsula,They have coastal villages,and hinterland hamlets full of heritage streetscapes,acclaimed wineries and restuarants.rugged seascapes,luxurious spas,etc.
The Bathing Boxes strung along the beachfronts of Dromana,rosebud and mornington is a beautiful place and his place has plenty of ways where we can fill our day.

They have Melbourne Cricket Ground~which I would love to visit.It  is an Australian Sports Stadium located in Yarra Park,Melbourne,Victoria and is the home to the Melbourne Cricket Club.
What is interesting about this stadium is that it is the 11th largest stadium in the world and largest in Australia.It has the highest light towers at any sporting venue.It  hosts major events.You would be surprised to know that it is referred to within Victoria as the "Spiritual Home of Australian Sport".

They have Great Ocean Road~wow..

Then they have Federation Square

They have Finder's Street Station~The view is amazing!

They have many more such beautiful places. is a surprise for all my readers!Its a contest time.I will ask you all one question and you simply need to write your answer in comment section.The best answer will get Shopping Voucher worth rs 500.
Here is the question~
Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?

The contest ends on 4th Jan.

Watch this video where Tanmay,Rohan ,Dhoni and Yuvi at the MCG

You can visit this site for more~
Tourism Victoria Website

Thank You everyone for participation,
The winner of this contest is R Singh..
Congrats winner,kindly inbox your email id,will send you voucher soon!

Thank You for reading my blog!
Vandana :)


Vstyle said…
Hi nice blog vandana
I would love to visit Melbourne Cricket Ground because I love cricket and watching it live in stadium like MCG would be an amazing experience
I hope to win
Rabia Akhter said…
i like Melbourne Cricket Ground , thanks for sharing vandana
Unknown said…

If given a chance I want to go to queen victoria market because I love shopping and queen victoria market is one of the best shopping destination in Australia
maheshsowani said…
I would love to visit the Panny's famous chocolate factory. That is because he is an Indian. Panny is actually Kodandpani Lakhmanan. He arrived in Melbourne via Malaysia and Papua New Guinea, where he had worked on cocoa and coconut plantations before immigrating Down Under. He is now legend in Australia. He has made we Indians proud. Besides his chocolates are mouthwatering.
Shilpa Bindlish said…
I would love to visit Victoria's only naturally heated Peninsula hot spring to battle India's chilling weather presently as well as to rejuvenate my aching body n tired senses in mineral-rich water pools. I'm already feeling heavenly to imagine the relaxation I could enjoy there :)
V said…
Nice post. All the best :)
I would love to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground, the MCG. It had been a host to many legendary matches and I for one would like to visit one of them. The World Cup is so near and it is so dear to me and I want to witness the World Cup Finals that is going to happen at the MCG!
Ranjith said…
Being a nature lover, Australian flora and fauna appeals to my inner senses. If I ever have a plan, I would like to explore the flora and fauna, quite unique to Australia. Maybe, cuddle a koala bear as well, in one of their national parks.

- Ranjith (
Deepika said…
I am a kind of person who loves to live every second lively. And Melbourne is the most liveable city. My friends who work in Australia always say its the best place to live and work on this planet. So I always had that longing to visit the country.
I am a big fan of Tea, and since Melbourne is known for Tea culture, I would love to have Afternoon tea Murchie's Tea.. I love those Whale watching and would love to watch a movie in the extremely high resolution and the enormous screen of IMAX Victoria and treat my ears with the powerful sound. Finally, I would love to experience the land-and-sea tour by the Victoria Hippo Tours and Adrena LINE Zipline Adventure

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