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This post is about Happy Hair Challenge!
I am not one of those lucky girls to have strong and beautiful hair.When I was a little girl,my hair texture was normal types,not that healthy and strong.I loved the hair of my cousin sis more and always wanted to have hair like hers as we can keep our hair open when we have lustrous hair.When I grew up,and reached college,my hair became really rough and dry.I was always worried for them because I had to pay extra attention to make my hair look better.I believe if we have good hair,we dont need to do much efforts.We can simply comb them in any style and move out freely.For every family function and hangouts with friends,I had to go to salon to get my hair styled in cool way to hide my dry ,dull and rough hair.And after years my hair condition got really poor as I had to face hairfall issues too.I try every possible homemade remedy to keep my hair in good condition as every girl loves soft and shiny hair.

I took self hair-evaluation test online and I noticed that my major hair issue is dry hair.They look so wavy whenever I wash them.I dont want my hair to look so dry and rough.And that is why I accepted the GARNIER FRUCTIS TRIPLE NUTRITION HAPPY HAIR CHALLENGE.I am all excited to take this challenge where for next 30 days I will be using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner.I feel that this will really work nicely on my hair which are in very damaged condition.

I received the products today and I am really happy to use them.I will also share the results post using these products

Product Price:Rs 130 for 175 ml bottle

Packaging:The shampoo and conditioner both comes in a yellow plastic bottle with a flip top opening.

Fragrance:The shampoo smells so nice just like the other range of Garnier Fructis Shampoo.

What this product claims:
This product claims to make hair 10* stronger ,restore shine and repair and reduce split -ends.

I am going to use these products from tomorrow and just to take this happy hair challenge,I stopped using my old shampoo.I hope this brings out best results.

Thank you!
Vandana :)


Lenya said…
Van I hope this will do the trick for you, because Garnier's triple thingy (that's what I call it, lol) is my HOLY GRAIL. I use the Garnier Fructis Oil repair 3, which is an two-in-one shampoo, means shampoo and conditioner all in one for dry hair . And I LOVE it, as I said in the above, it's my holy grail.

Sunshine said…
Will be waiting for the result post..Hope it works well for u.. :)
Anonymous said…
Great post!
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Unknown said…
Best of luck! Hope this works well for your hair :) Would love to read about your experience later.
Unknown said…
Good luck!
I dont like it very much ;D hope it works for you! |
TaNuja said…
Great Review!

I will be waiting for the results
I will be waiting for the results

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