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I am a big foodie and love to explore places where the food is authentic and aromatic.Hyderabad is one such place where we can get the best food with extra ordinary taste.Hyderabadi cuisine has sumptuous as their food includes the flavours of coconut,sesame seeds,peanuts and tamarind.They especially use red chillies.This has much to do with the local influences.

Hyderabadi dishes are decidedly spicy and truly unique.It has been shaped by 400 years of Hyderabadi culture and tradition.It employs the use of special ingredients that are carefully chosen and cooked to the correct degree.Herbs,condiments and spices are also added that gives a distinct texture and flavour to the dish.What I like about Hyderabadi dish is that it is cooked slowly and involves a direct use of fire,which helps in making it more exotic.It is interesting to know that it is the method of preparation and as well as the spices that are used that give the dishes their names.

Veg-Biryani Made by me :)

In Hyderabadi food preparation,fresh fruits are taken in use instead of dried fruits.People who have yet not tasted the Hyderabadi food,must taste the Hyderabadi Biryani which had become so popular all over India .It takes an extra-ordinary taste for other dishes to beat the competition of Biryani.This famous dish has been experimented time and again to a perfection.Their style of serving their food is also unique.I love the Veg-Biryani and also the Mirch ka Salan which is served with it.I would love to share that once I tried making Veg-Biryani and it took lot of time and effort but it was worth it.

Not just the spicy food but in sweets also they have some yummy options to try like Shahi Tukda which is prepared with bread and cream.Its rich taste will transport you to the era of the royals and the nawabs.
To taste the yummy ,mouth -watering Shahi cuisine of Hyderabad ,we can explore some best places to eat in Hyderabad .

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This looks yummie and I love the flavor of coconuts so much!

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Jeanne said…
This must be so yummy! Thanks for sharing Vandana!
vandana said…
Yes Thanks for your comment dear :)
The Enchantress said…
I am already HUNGRYYYY :)
Wow. I would love to taste the biriyani you made. You are absolutely right. Hyderabad is especially non veg eater's paradise, i knew but really would love to try the veg recipes as well.
Butterfly said…
Looks so yummy, I like indian food, maybe you will put the receipe ;)

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Lenya said…
It looks so tasty and sounds mouthwatering, Van.
It look so delicious. :) I'm new follower GFC hope you can follow me too) xx

Rupa said…
Fresh fruits instead of dry fruits sounds nice.

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Rabia Akhter said…
Nice post , This looks soo yummyy
ʞɐ said…
I am a foodaholic. And this just makes me more hungry.

I should try that, soon.
Mihaela said…
ohh i love this :) have an amazing day!

TaNuja said…
I have only once visited Hyderabad and yes the food there is too good :-)

Your biryani looks equally good!!


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