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Today in this post I will talk about the best restaurants in Ahmedabad .Ahmedabadis are usually fond of food.The cuisine of Ahmedabad consists of yummy lip smacking dishes that you'll be tempted to try out more and more food each time to enter a restaurant.No doubt,Ahmedabad is a paradise for food lovers.One of the most popular forms of meal in Ahmedabad is a typical Gujarati Thali which was first served commercially by Chandvillas hotel in 1900.It consists of Roti,Dal,Rice and shaak (Cooked vegetables ,sometimes with curry)with accompaniments of pickles and roasted papads.Beverages include buttermilk and tea.Sweet dishes include laddoo,mango and vedhmi.Dhoklas.Theplas and Dhebras are also very popular dishes in Ahmedabad.
There are many restaurants which serve a wide array of Indian and International cuisines.Most of the outlets serve only vegetarian food,as a strong tradition of vegetarianism is maintained by the city's Jain and Hindu communities.
Ahmedabad has a quite a few restaurants serving typical Mughlai non-vegetarian food in older areas like Bhatiyar Gali,Kalupur and Jamalpur.
The cuisine of Ahmedabad has peculiar taste.A different kind of sweet flavor is prevalent in almost all the food items.Ahmedabad cuisine mainly consists of vegetarian dishes.However non-vegetarian delicacies are also available in the restaurants.
Here I will share some of the best fine dining restaurants in Ahmedabad ~
La Feasta is new 'Bistro Restaurant' on S G Road,in Navrangpura.It is an Italian Cuisine restaurant.At La Feasta,foodies can enjoy the subtle taste of authentic Italian food,which is a delight for the senses .It is one of the top starrted restaurants in Ahmedabad.
It is famous for Gujarati and rajasthani cuisines.This is the place for gujju food lovers.It has got a huge variety of food.It is unique as while having your dinner you can enjoy gujarati folk dances and performances .

This restaurant serves North Indian ,Chinese ,Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisines.This is the best dhaba for kathyawadi food.They serve good dal bati too.
Geoffreys on Sarkhej road is a multi cuisine restaurant.This is a cheerful restaurant.It is one such place where you can enjoy some good food with your gang of friends.
This restaurant serves vegetarian food and it is very famous in Ahmedabad.This hall has so much to offer in terms of food.
These restaurants offer a delectable array of dishes to choose from.The restaurants in Ahmedabad are at unique and quaint places to enjoy a meal at.The food on offer at the restaurants is an absolute treat!

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