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This post is a part of the #LakmeSchoolOfStyle activity at in association with #Fame

I am so happy that I got selected to participate in this Oh-So-Fashionable activity.We all know that Lakme is one of the pioneers in the beauty industry.The things they do set the trend in fashion and beauty that the rest of the world then catches up on.In keeping with this tradition,Lakme has started #LakmeSchoolOfStyle ,India's first fashion video magazine.

All the videos for LakmeSchoolOfStyle are really good but today I will be sharing two of my favourite stylish and entertaining videos from #LakmeSchoolOfStyle YouTube channel and will also share my take on these two videos.

1,First I will share the video created by the stylish Vlogger Mansi Wadhwa,blogger at Colossal Closet Blog,who is one of best blogger buddy too.I loved all her videos fro LakmeSchoolOfStyle but this video is really amazing.

In this video she previews the Varun Bahl's latest bridal collection at his store in Delhi.She talks with designer and he describes about his new collection.Varun Bahl said that they do new collection every year, half of the collection is bridal and half is non-bridal .As brides keep looking for new things.Colors like ivory is much used in their bridal collection.
Trends keep changing,this year there are lots of wedding till june so they have full new collection which is very intricate not loud. They have something for everyone,And they will be coming up with summer colelction,pret collection will be launched in 2015 summer.I loved this video as we all viewers could see the latest bridal collection through her LSOS video.

2.Second video which I loved is by Sukhneet Wadhwa,Beauty and Fashion Blogger at Ms Coco Queen.
In this video she shows us how we girls can borrow our boyfriend's jeans and shirts to create 4 perfect looks for us.

For first look,she borrowed her boyfriend's ripped jeans and created a day look with his t-shirt.Loved the way she tied a knot to the T-shirt to give it a stylish touch.
For second look, for night look,she borrowed ripped jeans and paired it with sequin ganji.
For third look,she borrowed a white shirt to create a day look and paired it with skater skirt and hat
She created a night look with the same white shirt and  paired it with leather pants.
Loved her tips for boyfriend dressing.I love these types of stylish and entertaining videos as we also get to learn some new ways of creative dressing.

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