Internship Experience #MyInternTheory

Hello friends,

After completing my college, I was looking for internship so that I can keep myself busy and also learn something new. After applying for some websites, I got an opportunity to become intern for one fashion website where I had to write content related to fashion on their site. I was so excited to to join this style spotter internship program because fashion has always been  my forte. Moreover, they were paying really good amount for this work. I started working from home for this fashion brand. When I started writing professionally, I was bit nervous as whether the brand will like my write-ups, whether I will be able to complete my target on time, whether readers will find my style tips useful or not. I had so many fears when I started my internship but my team members cooperated a lot with me. They appreciated me for my good work which made me feel more confident to handle more blogging assignments. My colleagues tried to correct my mistakes without making me feel less of myself.

I enjoyed my internship as it was creative enough. I had to experiment with latest fashion trends and then help viewers by posting how to guides so that they too can live in style. I learnt a lot during this period of internship. I gained more knowledge on how social media marketing works. I also got my pay cheque on time and I felt proud on me for earning my first salary. I got a really good start and a new confidence which helped me in shaping my career in fashion field. It was a memorable experience.

When I was on lookout for internship, that time it was really hard to find internship of our choice but these days it has become really simpler to find our dream internship at We can search internships  by place, by profile and by type online at their website. It is much easier to find full time internship and part time internship for your desired work.

I would like to give advice to youngsters that they should choose their internship wisely and they should connect only with trusted companies because these days youngsters get cheated as they are not paid what they are promised. This might bring a bad experience to young people and may lead to negative memory of their first internship. Know your worth well and then apply for your desired internship. You will get to learn many new things about your dream work and about your strengths and weaknesses too!

I’m sharing my first internship experience for the #MyInternTheory activity at BlogAdda in association with Intern Theory.


How awesome! Internships are great ways to learn more and improve your skills.

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