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Recently I attended blogger's meet organised by The Happpy Homes Blog. The Happy Homes blog is a collaboration of Dr. Fixit ~the waterproofing expert and & Roff~the tile/stone and grouting expert. It's an initiative to build homes which are not only beautiful but also strong & sturdy.

Colours play an important role in altering our moods and our minds and we must use colours wisely in our home and at our workplace. Earlier the options in choosing tiles for our home were limited but now we can style our home with colorful tiles and colorful grouts. For office we can choose neutral tiles but for home we should go for colorful tiles to give a more attractive look.

It is very important to choose right tiles but, choosing the right color for grout is equally important. Grout is traditionally considered in a supporting role and its purpose is to let the tile be the  hero. White cement grout is commonly used but they are not much durable. We must got for Epoxy grouts option as they are more durable, and offers greater resistance to stains and water damage. Roff Rainbow Tile Mate ( RTM) Epoxy is a three-component epoxy resin-based tile joints filler. A resin-based epoxy tile joint filler that exhibits stain resistance chemical resistance, hard wearing and impervious properties, with a high degree of resistance to abrasion and impact.

White grout between white tiles give a clean and bright look. On a white tile, darker grey grout can be used. For decorative tiling, colored grout is a good option, we can choose an accent colour to compliment the design. Colorful grout can be used with white tiles, to make a statement.

Experts recommend choosing several color samples and spacing them around and in between your tile sample. We can also ask the contractor for some sample tile-grout combinations. The Grout Selector Tool is also a great way to try out different color combos.

In a bloggers event I came to know a very interesting feature by Roff India that lets you know which grout matches and suits our tiles and surfaces of our home in the best possible way. Even a small and a tiny shade difference of grout can make your surfaces look fantastic. The Tile and Grout Matcher ensures that one can never go wrong with the choice. The best thing about it is that it is just a click away.

Roff has a great range of tile fixing products that ensure all your tiles are beautifully connected together, creating a beautiful canvas for individual pieces. Their extensive range of adhesives, grouts and sealers ensure a perfect finish for all types of tiles, on all types of surfaces.

For more information about Colorful grouts, you can check Roff website !

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