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In today's blogosphere, you really need a good photographer who can click great quality photos to stand out. Being a fashion blogger, I would say that it is really important and worth to invest in a great photoshoot because your blog's success depends on your photograhpher :) So here I would like to recommend Freelance Photographer in India- Mili Takyar.

Mili Takyar is a Delhi based freelance photographer and offer an array of professional photography services ranging from potraiture and candid photoshoots for family and kids, glamour and fashion shots, pet photography and interiors/exteriors.

Her USP lies in photoproduction and retouching services (Photo production incudes art direction, booking of makeup/hair and styling ,location scouting). She has a personal studio and also happy to do location shoots for the convenience of her clients.
 Few years ago she decided to take the plunge and did her certification from DELHI PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB and MUNISH KHANNA ACADEMY, to change her passion into profession.

After checking  her insta feed and website, I liked her creative work and I can say that she is super talented and  has an amazing artistic eye. All I can say is she has it what it takes to make it in the industry. I highly recommend her for Fashion, Portraits, Family, Kids, Interiors,Pets and more.

Categories: Portraits, Kids, fashion, interiors, pets, etc.
Connect with her and be sure to check out her social media channels:
Facebook Business Page
Youtube Channel 
Contact: 9810301179


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