Cricket is one of the most loved games all over the world. The craze for Cricket been growing since the time League matches like IPL were introduced. You can now enjoy cricketers of multiple nationalities playing together as one team. This ever growing love for Cricket has led to development and launch of various Cricket games. One such gaming platform, we are going to talk about today is Dream11 and it's fantasy league.

Dream 11 is platform that allows its users to create sports teams of their own and play. They have options to play cricket games, football, kabadi and NBA online. The most attractive feature is that you can win cash prizes, every day. Would not you want to Check it out here .

Dream 11 is available in the form of a website as well as mobile app.The mobile app is compatible with Android devices and iOS. For registering with Dream11 with a referral code, you get INR 100 as cash bonus.
Here are a few steps that you need to follow to receive this sign up bonus:

1. Download the Dream11 app.
2. Click on "Have a referral code" button
3. Enter your referral code, email, phone number and password.
4. Click on the register button.
5. Verify your mobile number by entering the OTP and your Email by clicking on the confirmation link that you receive.
6. You will get INR 100 as cashback instantly after you follow the above steps.

You can create your cricket fantasy league team

If it was your dream to own a cricket team one day, you can realize it! Well, at least online. You can become a selector and create your own fantasy cricket team by  including your favorite players as wicket keepers, Captain, vice-captain, batsman, bowlers and all-rounders for any upcoming cricket match.

You need to send game invitations to your friends as well and encourage them to register. The fee for creating your team is nominal and mostly you can do it within the cash back you receive via sign up and being an active participants.

Cash prizes

To motivate the users, Fantasy cricket league on Dream11 provides opportunities to win cash back prizes. There are certain targets or challenges that other users or website owners create. Fulfilling those challenges and meeting the targets can reward you handsomely in form of cash prizes and goodies.
Graphics and Sound effects par excellence

The way he cricket field and the players look, the sound of striking the ball, the cheer of the audience and even the weather conditions make this game feel like reality. You enjoy and get engaged with the game as if you are actually in the stadium!

All in all, I would really like to say that this game is a must try for Cricket fans as you enjoy a very reality-like feel of the game and get to enjoy in your spare time while getting opportunity to win decent cash. It is a win win! Dream11 is a legit and verified platform to play fantasy cricket games.


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