Title: Nazmein Intezar Ki
Author: Smita Parikh
Publisher: Vani Prakashan
Pages: 140
Language: Hindi
Price: INR 213

Nazmein Intezar Ki is a collection of beautiful nazms in which we can feel emotions such as true love, long wait for beloved and many more such beautiful emotions.

I fell in love with the writing of the Author Smita Parikh, the moment I started reading the first page. Every nazm arrests the eyes!!  I am completely mesmerized by her amazing work. Nazmein Intezar Ki is a collection of Nazms in which Author Smita beautifully expresses her emotions of unconditional love, friendship and a long unending wait for her beloved. Her Nazms speaks of the extreme pain which every lover goes through when he/she is separated and the endless waiting for their beloved. I admire author's creativity to express all emotions in such beautiful words. We can see many avatars of the Author in this book. Sometimes she is soft, innocent and finds herself too emotionally weak. Sometimes she picks up her broken parts to stay strong and ready to face anything that comes in path of her pure love.

We all experience love in our lives and people who have experienced true love can very well relate to Smita's writing. Her love is pure and only craves for true love in exchange and nothing else.

In her nazms, we can see how she struggles with her own emotions, her own thoughts to convince herself. She tries to be bold but her attempt to forget her lover goes in vain even after her efforts in forgetting him. She asks a lot of questions to his beloved to know why he has changed and why they are not together. She is completely lost in her memories of her love that she has forgotten herself who she is. But even after all this sadness and loneliness engulfs her everyday, she only wishes good for her loved one. Well, this is a book with a strong message about what true love is!

Author goes through many difficult emotions, but inspite of what destiny threws at her, she kept herself strong. I found it really motivating at times. Its a light read and can be finished in one go. The cover of the book and the title is apt.

RATING: I could only give 5/5 stars and I would strongly recommend it to people looking to read quality content.

I would like to share some of my favourites from the book here:

Hazaro-Hazaro Varsho Tak,
                                                         Ek Pair par khadey hokar,
                                                              Tap Karne Waley
                                                                Rishi Muni Bhi,
                                                  Kya Mehsoos Kar Patey Honge,
                                                            Us Pavanta Ko,
                                                        Jisey Mehsoos Kiya Hai Maine,
                                                      Tumse Pyar Karne Ke Bad.. 

Smita Parikh is a writer and also a festival director of Lit-O-Fest.


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