In the 19th year of his life, Yashasvi tried to end his life. Follow the journey of Yashasvi and millions of other people who are tormented by their own minds. This is not a self-help book. Mental health is no longer just about helping yourself. It is a movement against an invisible crisis that breeds inside our minds. A crisis that makes you question the voice in your head. Yes, the same voice that is reading this out to you.

True stories, research, statistics, and facts. This book will convince you why mental health cannot be just about self-help anymore, and why people like Yashasvi need our help.

Talking about mental health is still a taboo in our society and through this book Author Arjun Gupta tries to bring a change in the mindset of people about mental health awareness issue. He shares a story of Yashasvi, a 19 year old by who tried to end his life as he was suffering from depression. There are many people like him who face severe stress and depression in some phase of their life but are not able to recover with this illness because they are unable to ask for help. They keep their problems to themselves as they fear that they will be judged. They feel shame in expressing their thoughts and feelings.

So in some way we people are also responsible for not being able to develop that trust in our loved ones that they can come to us and express their thoughts freely. What can be the solution to this? Lets first try to understand this very important thing:

"It is important to understand that no person who is mentally ill is in this condition through their own choice.If they could choose, they would choose being able to cope with their problems every time,but they cannot."

There are many reasons why Author is focusing on spreading Mental Health Awareness:

Mental Health awareness is very important because some people don't even know that they are suffering from any mental illness, if they will know it on time, then chances of their recovery will be  more. And this information can be spread if mental health awareness should be discussed frequently and not only on some specific days like world mental health day.

~There are stigmas attached with every mental illness and we also should try not to attach these stigmas to mental illnesses.

~A society that is well informed on mental health will stigmatize victims less. This will encourage them to seek help for their ills and speed up the recovery process. We all need to understand that they are not dangerous, they are people like us.

~Mental health awareness will help people recognize that help for psychological problems is available and people are not alone in this fight.

~Author discusses we all can help in educating people about mental health and how the media can play biggest role in supporting this mental health issue by making movies that can help in spreading awareness.

~There are some people who relate mental disorders with superstitions and how this practice needs to be stopped to cure the psychiatric patients.

~ Another aspect is the shame and stigma felt by the primary care givers of the sufferers

Author asks himself one question that actually made me think too deeply.
"Must a lack of financial resources also mean that we are empathically bankrupt as well? "

The aim of this book is to bring the idea of mental health to the general reader. Author is doing his best to create a future for all where mental health will not be continued to be a stigmatized subject. He hopes there will be a time when a person will not have to be ashamed to ask for emotional support. Together we all can contribute in achieving the goal of a mentally healthy society.
Don't keep your problems to yourself, learn the importance of accepting the need for care and seeking it from family and friends first.

All author wants  a society where people are more in touch with themselves and the people around them. Where emotional turmoil is not looked down upon, and where seeking help is promoted. Where visiting a psychiatrist does not cause a commotion in their community. Author rightly says that ~ The strength lies in accepting who we are and how we feel.


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