This day, Today, when looked at from the window of Future; Wouldn't it seem golden?
But today it feels like just another day. Why does all this preciousness have to pass to be seen? Why can't it get its due while it lives?
Unfortunately that's the way it has always been.
The Future seems to hold a certain value for The Past.
But The Present seems to be like an unfinished coin. It's still incomplete to derive any worth.
The poems in this collection 'The Camphor Of Night' are little things stolen from life which found their way to a treasury box in which they lay locked for years until these stolen things developed a life of their own and hence they need to be set free, because now is their time to breathe.


"In walking the streets of an unknown city,
To see what the locals take for granted,
And then to go back to your own city 
And look for things you had overlooked "

The Camphor of Night by Samir Satam is a collection of 89 Poems. Every poem is deeply moving. Poet's purpose for writing these poems is to express his deep thoughts on these themes like love, loneliness, emptiness, harsh realities of life and many such other themes and I think he successfully gets his message across through these wonderfully woven shorts poems. The content in each poem flow smoothly. Every poem feels relatable. All these poems have deep underlying messages. The series of poems takes the reader through the various phases of life which are expressed in this brilliant collection of poems. Some of my favourite poems from this collection are Missing Piece, Homesickness, Inspiration, Silent Love, Holding Hands, Being Yourself and Unwritable.
I am really impressed with author's literary style. The writing is lean and propulsive, even artful.

The poems captures the sobering qualities of love and pain.They are beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. I feel readers can relate to the major themes. This poetry book with brilliant collection is a striking, poignant reminder of how rarely we see the depth of the world around us. After reading this book, all I can say is that Samir is a striking poet.

The title of the book is apt and the cover picture in black and white goes well with the theme of the book.

RATING I would like to rate it 5/5 Stars and would highly recommend this poetry book to everyone because this is a book that will appeal to all tastes.

Also I would like to thank Author for writing this thoughtful poetry book and also for keeping the art of poetry alive.

Samir Satam lives in Bombay where he works as a Software Engineer in one of the multi-national IT companies. He is an avid reader, a serious cinema lover and an individualist by nature.
At an early age, he started writing his diary in verses and thus developed his passion for poetry. Postcards from Memory is his first book of poetry.


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