A young girl Sia has recently finished her graduation in Law against her parent's wishes. With absolutely no family background in the legal profession, she sets out to explore the various opportunities in this not so common but upcoming field of law brings her way.

Written in the form of short stories and inspired by some true events, the author, through the protagonist Sia, narrates to us few such unusual and memorable incidents including some eccentric court room dramas, all of which left a deep impact on her life.

This debut book one is an honest attempt to talk about law with a dash of satire, with an aim to reach out to all those who may or may have never heard anything about the legal profession nor would have ever stepped inside a court. And for those who are a part of it already, they might relate to it in some way.


Yours Legally by Author Sonia Sahijwani is a collection of six inspiring short stories based on true events. Author of this book is a young lawyer and through this book she has tried to share some of the most memorable experiences of her career journey, that really left a deep impact on her life. Some of my favourite stories from this book are - 'Behind Those Dark Shades' and 'Qaidi No. 90.'

There is lot to learn from this story 'Behind Those Dark Shades' which is about a wonderful Senior Advocate Sameer Singh. Sia, a young lawyer got an opportunity to work with him. She was in a state of shock when she came to know that his mentor was completely visually impaired yet in her innumerable experiences and meetings so far, Sia had never seen such a confident looking lawyer. Inspite of his unfortunate shortcoming, he worked hard and was self-sufficient. He had an extraordinary will-power, determination, courage, an amazing, ever so-happy smiling nature, and a passion to make the most out of life with his strengths and weaknesses. That one month Sia worked under him was the most memorable, unforgettable and learning experience of her life. There is a lot to learn from Sameer Singh's inspiring story.

In the second story Qaidi N0.90 ( Prisoner No. 90), I really loved reading about how Author had one unusual wish, the desire was an extra ordinary one, and it was to visit a prison one day to meet the undertrials or other prisoners. She wanted to see a prison for herself to know its dark and ugly realities. Sia was extremely curious to know and see how really a prisoner lived. Author talks to few of the under trials criminals in the prison to know their stories and to know what crime had they committed to land up in prison. The impact of the entire prison episode have been too deep on her and she could never forget it. There is lot to learn for readers from all six stories.

The writing style of the Author is really impressive. The cover of the book is designed creatively and I found the title apt. The book is a quick and interesting read and I finished it in one go.

RATING: I would like to give it 5/5 Stars and would highly recommend it to everyone. 


So glad the writing style is good! That makes such a big difference!

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